We Don’t Just Make Kombucha. 

Maybe the first thing you’ll notice about Wild Tonic is that it’s labeled “jun kombucha.” Nope, that wasn’t a packaging typo. Jun kombucha is related to kombucha, but it offers a completely different drinking experience.

Let’s start by talking about the similarities. Like kombucha, jun kombucha is a fermented tea drink made with a SCOBY (short for Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast.) 

The main difference? The jun variety is made using honey instead of the sugar that is typically used to make kombucha. 

This might seem like a tiny difference, but it actually has a huge impact on the finished product.

You see, honey impacts the fermentation process differently. That means that from the moment the brew is mixed, jun and kombucha go down very different roads.

Honey interacts differently with the SCOBY. Owing to honey’s natural microbial qualities, it retains prebiotics as well as probiotics. This makes it distinctly different from kombucha, which only has probiotics. 

Not sure what prebiotics and probiotics are, exactly? Let’s take a timeout to bring you up to speed.

Prebiotics are a type of dietary fiber. You could think of them as a sort of fertilizer for bacteria in your gut — they’re there to help probiotics do their work. 

Probiotics are live bacteria — the type you’ll see advertised on yogurt or kefir containers. This so-called “good bacteria” keeps your gut healthy and working in prime condition.  

Both prebiotics and probiotics have benefits — but they have maximum impact when they work together. Wild Tonic jun kombucha contains both, maximizing the health benefits and leaving your belly very happy. 

But honey doesn’t just affect the chemical process of the beverage — it also affects the flavor. Jun’s honey fermentation also makes it mellower than traditionally acidic-tasting kombucha, taking the edge off and making for a smoother drinking experience.

All-Natural Yet Innovative Ingredients 

At Wild Tonic, we amp up the flavor of our jun kombucha by incorporating high quality, flavorful ingredients. Here’s a quick review of what goes into Wild Tonic:

Honey: Nothing but the real thing! Our jun is made with 100% pure honey. This is the not-so-secret ingredient that gives Wild Tonic its smooth, clean taste. Not only is it delicious, but honey is a great source of antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. 

Tea: We feature a blend of exotic organic teas in our products — and they’re all ethically and sustainably sourced.

Fruit: Certified USDA organic fruit juices give our jun kombucha its signature vibrant flavors and hues. 

Herbs and spices: We source all of our herbs and spices from organic farms. The superior quality and creative flavor combinations are part of what make our products unique.

Botanicals: Organically grown botanicals impart delicate floral tones in our products, enhancing the other flavors and giving them a certain je ne sais quoi that helps set our products apart from others.

Three Different Experiences

At Wild Tonic, we offer not one but three different drinking experiences. You can take your pick from our three categories of jun kombucha: non-alcohol, 5.6% ABV, and 7.6% ABV. 

Our classic non-alcohol line is fermented with honey alone; our alcohol lines incorporate organic golden cane sugar in addition to honey to increase the alcohol levels while maintaining the smooth, clean flavor that is our signature. Or as we like to put it — get the buzz without the sting! 

Each line has innovative flavor offerings. Blueberry Basil, Raspberry Goji Rose, and Mango Ginger are three signature flavors that can be found in both our Classic no-alcohol and 5.6% ABV lines. 

Unique to our Classic no-alcohol line are flavors such as Blackberry Mint, Tropical Turmeric, and Rosemary Lemon.  Strawberry Blood Orange and Hoppy Buzz (we use real hops!) are distinctive in the 5.6% ABV line up. 

Our 7.6% ABV hard jun kombucha line comes in a variety of signature flavors including Backwoods Bliss, a unique bourbon barrel aged variety featuring vanilla and butterscotch undertones; Dancing Naked®, featuring notes of Zinfandel; Mind Spank®, a dizzyingly delicious array of flavors including coffee, chocolate and maple; and Wild Love®, a delectable combination of luscious blackberry and elegant lavender. 

Of course, that’s just a brief overview of our flavors. For the full roster, check out our website

A Commitment to Doing Good 

Fun fact: did you know that the signature cobalt blue packaging is inspired by bees? The color is said to be attractive to them, and we want to pay homage to the hardworking bees responsible for making the liquid gold we depend on to make our jun kombucha.

Our products simply wouldn’t be possible without honey bees!

Unfortunately, the bee population is declining. That’s a big problem, because pollination provided by bees actually contributes to over 150 major crops in the U.S. — accounting for as much as $20 billion.

Our company founder Holly Lyman is passionate about supporting the bees. Wild Tonic is dedicated to supporting local farmers and partnering with local beekeeping organizations to focus on bee conservation.

It’s our hope that by helping to strengthen bee populations, we can not only continue making the highest quality jun kombucha for our customers to enjoy, but help make the world a better place. 

Helping the bees isn’t our only contribution to the environment and community. Here are some of the other things we do:

Efficient, clean facilities: Our production facility was designed to maximize energy usage and minimize waste. We also employ biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products. 

Recycling efforts: We compost whenever possible, and recycle products like cardboard, paper products, and metal and plastic. Additionally, our bottles are reusable and recyclable and the sample cups we use at events are recyclable and compostable.

It’s Good to be Different

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? At Wild Tonic, we’re not afraid to be a little different. We’re committed to offering the highest quality product possible while maintaining high standards of efficiency and reducing wastefulness. We hope that once you sample our products, you’ll agree that it’s worth all the hard work! 

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