You are what you eat … and drink. So be smart about what you choose to consume!  

At Wild Tonic, our signature jun kombucha is more than just a delicious beverage. The fermenting process and the high quality ingredients that go into every batch could contribute to your health, too. 

To the uninitiated, jun kombucha is different from the kombucha you might be familiar with. It’s also a fermented tea drink — but it’s made with honey instead of sugar. Not only does this result in a distinctly different flavor, but as you’ll see in this post, it could potentially result in greater health benefits, too.

Wild Tonic Benefits

Curious? Let’s explore some of the ways our unique ferment can contribute to a happy and healthy life:


Honey: Nature’s Superfood!

At Wild Tonic, we love honey. It’s the heart and soul of our jun kombucha, imparting a clean, smooth flavor. But it’s not just tasty — it’s nutritious, too! 

One major benefit? Honey is naturally high in antioxidants, which can help prevent free radical damage. 

Wait, what’s a free radical? 

Free radicals occur when your body experiences oxidative stress. Some sources of oxidative stress include environmental toxins, insufficient nutrition, and chronic stress. 

Oxidative stress causes oxygen molecules in your body to split, resulting in atoms with unattached electrons. 

These non-paired atoms go into a sort of frenzied stress mode, flying around your body trying to find a partner — but they can do damage to your body along the way, resulting in potential illness and signs of aging. Who wants that? 

But that’s not the only benefit that honey has to offer. It’s also a great source of amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

Fermented Foods: Happy Belly, Happy Life 

You’ve probably heard that fermented foods are good for you. This is largely due to the presence of probiotics — beneficial bacteria and enzymes that are added to intestinal flora when you eat or drink fermented items. 

While most kombucha includes probiotics, Wild Tonic’s unique honey fermentation process helps our product retain prebiotics, too. 

Prebiotics are a specific type of dietary fiber that helps probiotics do their work. This means that you can enjoy even greater benefits from probiotics, including:

  • Improved immune function: When you consume probiotics, you’re populating your gut with all sorts of good bacteria — and giving your immune system a boost.
    The gut is linked to your immunity, and if there’s not enough good bacteria, diseases could be more likely to grow and cause a host of problems and/or inflammation. Probiotics are particularly helpful if you’ve recently taken any medications that could deplete your good bacteria.
  • Improved digestion: When your gut is well populated with good bacteria, it can improve the ease with which you digest. As an added benefit, a healthy gut microbiome can help you absorb nutrients more effectively.
  • Better mood: Did you know that there’s a link between the gut and the brain? It’s called the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA for short) axis. Basically, the gut contains neurons that can have an impact on our feelings — for instance, as much as 90% of the body’s serotonin, sometimes called the “happy” chemical, is created in the gut. 

High Quality Ingredients

If you’ve tried our beverages, including our non-alcoholic jun kombucha and our 5.6% ABV and 7.6% ABV versions, then you already know that they’re delicious.

It’s all about what goes into the mix! At Wild Tonic, we firmly believe that the quality of our ingredients is directly reflected in our finished products. Here’s what we use: 

Honey: We use 100% pure honey to make our jun kombucha. Not only does it give Wild Tonic beverages their smooth, clean taste but also offers the many health benefits we discussed earlier! 

Teas: Exotic, organic tea is the name of the game at Wild Tonic. All of our tea is ethically and sustainably sourced. 

Fruit: We use certified USDA fruit juices in our ferment, resulting in beautiful colors and flavors in our finished products. 

Herbs and spices: Sourced from organic farms, all of our herbs and spices are second to none in quality and flavor.  

Botanicals: Also organically sourced, our botanicals help add an element of depth and nuance to our jun kombucha.

Buzz, But No Sting!

Good news: when enjoyed in moderation, alcoholic beverages could contribute to your health! 

In one study, it was determined that moderate alcohol consumption is associated with a reduced risk of ischemic stroke — and could have a link to a reduction in vascular risk.

Another study  found that “moderate drinkers are at lower risk for the most common form of heart disease.” 

Cheers to that! Of course, everything in moderation — the benefits mentioned in these studies are all associated with moderate alcohol consumption. 

Our alcohol lines include plenty of tasty options to enjoy. Our 5.6% ABV line comes in a melange of delectable flavors including Blackberry Mint, Hoppy Buzz, Mango Ginger, Raspberry Goji Rose, and Tropical Turmeric; our 7.6% ABV line is available in a variety of signature flavors including Backwoods Bliss, Dancing Naked®, Mind Spank®, and Wild Love®. 

All of these flavors are made with all of the same high quality ingredients used in our non-alcoholic versions, but with organic golden cane sugar added to to increase alcohol levels while maintaining a clean, smooth flavor profile. 

Drink Well, Bee Well 

At Wild Tonic, we don’t just want to quench your thirst — we want to contribute to a life well lived. We take tremendous care in sourcing and creating our jun kombucha to maximize flavor and health benefits. The end result? Jun kombucha tastes as good as it makes you feel! 

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