All you need is love and Valentine’s Day Kombucha … A little Wild Tonic every now and again is great!

At Wild Tonic, we believe that Valentine’s Day is a holiday for everyone … Whether partnered-up, single, or anywhere in-between. No matter where you are or what your situation may be, we’ve got the perfect jun kombucha companion to make it a sweet day indeed! 

Looking for creative ways to celebrate? Here are our top Valentine’s Day ideas for Wild Tonic lovers: 

Share the Love…

We’re talking Lavender Love®  jun kombucha, of course! This flavor from our traditional non-alcoholic product line features a sweet pomegranate tang with a floral, honeysuckle-kissed finish. It’s unlike anything else!

Go ahead … Share the love! Our products are available nationwide, so why not surprise a friend or loved one with some Lavender Love®? Find a retailer near you.

Get Wild 

Wild Tonic’s 7.6% ABV Wild Love® jun kombucha is bound to get you in the mood for romance. With sensuous notes of blackberry and just a hint of lavender, it’s got an absolutely intoxicating flavor that’s perfect for sipping all by itself or along with a romantic meal! 

Whether you’re sharing with your sweetheart or cozying up to a rom-com at home, Wild Love® is a Valentine’s Day gift that gives back! 

Think Pink

With a rosy hue, our Raspberry Goji-Rose jun kombucha is a picture-perfect pick for Valentine’s Day. It tastes great as-is, or consider fancying it up by mixing it in a glass with equal parts Raspberry Goji-Rose and champagne. Finish it off with fresh berries for an extra-special presentation.

No matter how you choose to enjoy Raspberry Goji-Rose, it’s going to be good. With raspberry and floral undertones, it’s mostly mellow — but with a pleasing bit of zip thanks to the goji berry. This flavor is available in traditional non-alcoholic and 5.6% ABV hard jun kombucha varieties. 

The Perfect Pear

Get it before it’s gone! Our seasonal selection, Chai Pear, combines the juicy flavor of pear with  warm cinnamon and slight fennel sweetness. It’s an elegant beverage all on its own, but it tastes great when transformed into a cocktail, too — check out our creative recipes. 

chai pear

We also have a recipe for jun kombucha cookies made with our Chai Pear flavor — why not whip up a batch and share them with friends to share the love this Valentine’s Day?

Feeling Devilish?

Give in to temptation! Our 7.6% ABV Mind Spank® jun kombucha is devilishly delicious, with notes of coffee, chocolate and maple. It’s a decadent treat all by itself, or pair it with high-quality dark chocolate for a truly out of this world indulgence.

Happy Heart Day From Wild Tonic! 

At Wild Tonic, we’d like to wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day — from the bottom of our honey-filled hearts! No matter how you’re celebrating or who you’re celebrating with, our jun kombucha is the perfect accompaniment!

Find a retailer near you to load up on bottles or cans, or have jun kombucha shipped to your door — our products are now available for nationwide delivery

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What flavor of Wild Tonic will you be drinking this Valentine’s Day? Leave a comment … We love hearing from you!