Great food is even better with the perfect beverage by its side. Many people default to wine as their primary food accompaniment at Thanksgiving— but they’re missing out on a whole world of flavor possibilities. At Wild Tonic, we’re big believers in the pairing power of jun kombucha — not just at the holidays, but any time of year. It makes just about everything taste better! 

The mellow, honeyed tones of jun kombucha bring out fascinating nuances in food … but that’s not all it brings to the table. Jun kombucha’s natural prebiotic and probiotic properties can also assist in the digestive process — a real benefit following a traditional Thanksgiving feast! 

Ready to try something different? Consider these creative and tasty jun kombucha pairings with your Thanksgiving meal.

Crudites or Salad Course

Starting out the feast with some fresh veg? Keep your palate fresh and clean with Wild Tonic’s herbaceous Blueberry Basil or Blackberry Mint flavors. 

The sweetness of the fruit and earthiness of the herbs act as the perfect complement to the fresh flavor of crisp, crunchy vegetables. Both flavors are available in both hard jun kombucha and traditional non-alcoholic options. 

Turkey + Gravy

Turkey and gravy — it’s undoubtedly the most traditional Thanksgiving food/flavor combo. When it comes to a jun kombucha pairing, we suggest going with something light to contrast the unctuous, rich flavors. 

The nuanced, lightly floral flavor of our Lavender Love jun kombucha might just be the perfect accompaniment. Its light, bright honey flavor, with notes of lavender and honeysuckle and a slight pomegranate tang, adds a new dimension of complexity to the simple, rich flavors of turkey and gravy. See for yourself how it “cuts” through the heaviness of the main dish in the most pleasing way! 

Lavender Love is available as traditional non-alcoholic jun kombucha.

Classic Side Dishes 

For some people, Thanksgiving is all about the side dishes. Are you one of them? Then lucky you — there are tons of tasty jun kombucha pairings to consider! 

  • Wild Tonic’s seasonal Chai Pear flavor has just the right amount of spice mixed with mellow pear to make it an amiable companion to stuffing, green bean casserole and mashed potatoes. It’s only available bottled; traditional non-alcoholic jun kombucha.
  • Looking for a contrast to all the rich flavors of Thanksgiving sides? Try pairing them with our Tropical Turmeric Flavor. The touch of pepper and sweetness adds a pleasing contrast to heavy, earthy flavors. Available in both hard jun kombucha and traditional non-alcoholic options. 
  • For cranberry sauce, consider our Raspberry Goji-Rose flavor. Not only do their rosy hues pair nicely, but the floral flavors of the jun kombucha bring out the sweet-tart flavor of the sauce. Available in both hard jun kombucha and traditional non-alcoholic options. 

Pumpkin Pie 

When it comes to pairing jun kombucha with pumpkin pie, our general belief is that “double the spice is twice as nice.” Without a doubt, the clear winner for pairing is our seasonal special, Chai Pear. 

The spice mingles beautifully with traditional pumpkin pie spice, and the bright fruit element from the pear adds a nice, light note to the earthiness of the pumpkin filling. 

Feel like you’re craving something cozy with your dessert course? Our Chai pear flavor can also be used to make a simple but delicious Chai Pear Hot Toddy. Find the recipe here

Wild Tonic Hard Jun Kombucha 5.6% Abv
Cheers Wild Tonic Hard Jun Kombucha Hard Booch Hard Kombucha 5.6% ABV Alcohol honey tea fermented glasses cheers Raspberry Goji Rose Naturally gluten free

Season’s Eatings…

Happy Thanksgiving to all! No matter the size of your celebration, elaborate or simple, we hope your holiday is filled with light and love. 

At Wild Tonic, we’re thankful for our customers — and to have a place at your Thanksgiving table! Remember — if you need to stock up, our products are now available for nationwide delivery

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What’s your favorite jun kombucha and Thanksgiving food pairing?