Feeling stressed? Time to crack open a bottle or can of classic Wild Tonic!  It’s easy to stay zen with Wild Tonic !

You already know that our jun kombucha is delicious and refreshing — but did you know it also has properties that could potentially help improve your mood and reduce stress? 

It’s true! Read on to learn some of the ways that Wild Tonic could be an invaluable part of your self-care routine along with other wellness practices like yoga, meditation, and a healthy diet. 

Adaptogenic Qualities

If you consult the dictionary, an adaptogen is “any of various natural substances used in herbal medicine to normalize and regulate the systems of the body.” 

According to a publication by the European Medicines Agency, “The term ‘adaptogen’ was originally established by N. V. Lazarev (1947) to refer to a substance which was claimed to increase ‘non-specific’ resistance to adverse influences to organism and stress.”

An adaptogen is characterized as a non-toxic substance that can increase a person’s resistance to adverse biological, chemical, and physical factors that could cause stress — with its ability to fight free radicals, improve digestion, and more, jun kombucha fits the bill!

Stress-Busting Vitamins 

Wild Tonic’s jun kombucha contains B and C vitamins, which are proven to help reduce stress.

Is the “B” in vitamin B short for “boost”? Maybe not officially, but it does have plenty of stress-reducing properties. 

According to research conducted by Swinburne University in Australia, chronic stress can deplete the body’s vitamin B6 levels. Interestingly, it appears that this can be reversed through supplementing — when study subjects consumed higher levels of B vitamins, they showed a significant reduction in stress, particularly work-related stress. 

Vitamin C has some stellar stress-reducing properties, too. 

According to a Mayo Clinic article, a lack of C vitamins can lead to a feeling of depression or fatigue. By adding more vitamin C to the diet, you may notice mood-elevating qualities — including reduced anxiety. A great way to stay zen with Wild Tonic !

So go ahead, get your vitamin C fix with one of our Wild Tonic flavors like Mango Ginger — available in both traditional non-alcoholic and 5.6% ABV varieties! 

Soothes the “Second Brain” 

Did you know that you have a “second brain” … and that it’s not in your head, but your gut? 

It’s true. Throughout the walls of your gut, you’ve got a ton of neurons — about 100 million. They have their own senses and reflexes, and can actually help your body self-regulate with digestive issues. 

These neurons can also have an effect on your emotional well-being. As a Scientific American article reveals, emotions can actually be influenced by the nerves in your gut. 

You’ve heard of (and probably felt) the sensation of “butterflies” in your stomach. Turns out, that concept is very real! 

As this post shares in great detail, jun kombucha can be a powerful player in helping you maintain optimal gut health. A healthy gut contributes to a healthy mind, so drink up!

Avoid Caffeine Overload 

Are you addicted to your caffeine fix in the morning? Don’t worry — to certain extent, caffeine actually has positive effects. But there is too much of a good thing. A New York Times article adds, “But it increases production of cortisol, which can lead to health problems including anxiety, weight gain and heart disease.”

So if you’re loading up on six cups of coffee with cream and sugar every morning, it might be contributing to higher stress levels. 

Jun kombucha could be part of the solution! Switching to jun kombucha instead of higher-caffeine beverages could help you reduce caffeine intake — and sugar too, if you’re imbibing caffeine in the form of soda or sugary coffee or tea. 

You might find that drinking our Raspberry Goji Rose traditional non-alcoholic jun kombucha gives you an energy boost without the inevitable post-caffeine crash! 

There’s Alcohol, Too 

For those of you who love our alcoholic jun kombucha offerings … good news! When consumed in moderation, alcohol actually offers several potential benefits, like reduced risk of heart disease and stroke. Plus, it’s awfully fun to imbibe with friends! 

However, it’s important to note that the keyword there is moderation. Too much alcohol can diminish your overall happiness levels by increasing anxiety and stress on the body and mind. So enjoy … but in moderation! 

Stay Zen With Wild Tonic!

Sometimes, stress gets the best of us. During those times, it’s extra-important to tend to one’s own needs with a great self-care routine. 

Along with exercise (yoga is a great choice for its mind-body connection), mindfulness practices, and a healthy diet, jun kombucha could be part of your overall wellness routine.

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How do you stay zen during times of stress? Leave a comment! We love hearing from you!