Welcome Spring With Wild Tonic!

It was a long winter … Really long. But finally, spring has arrived! 

At Wild Tonic, we couldn’t be happier about flowers blooming and brighter days ahead. With spring comes longer days, more sun, warmer weather, outdoor entertaining … You know, all the good things in life!

Whatever you’re planning for the early days of spring … Don’t forget to stock up on Wild Tonic for all of your adventures! 

Ready to spring into action? Hop to with our roundup of fun early-spring ideas with Wild Tonic! 

Go Wild on the Spring Equinox 

On March 20, the Spring Equinox is the official start of spring — how will you celebrate? Perhaps you’ll take a day for self-care and reflection about the past winter … Or maybe you’ll enjoy an outdoor adventure with friends. No matter how you choose to spend the official first day of spring, be sure to bring some Wild Tonic!

Have a Spring Fling! 

Now that the weather’s getting warmer, it won’t be long until outdoor entertaining is in full swing. Are you ready? Now’s the time to stock up on outdoor entertaining basics like tablecloths, outdoor utensils, and picnic gear… Be sure to add Wild Tonic to your list! Impress your guests by making cocktails with Wild Tonic, or pack some cans if you’re taking your adventure to the park or outdoors!

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Get Outside! 

Wild Tonic is based in Sedona, Arizona … An absolute mecca for outdoor activities like hiking. If you love getting outside as much as us, then springtime can’t come fast enough! Be sure to pack a few cans of Wild Tonic for your hike or for after a long bike ride … It’s the perfect refreshing treat after your favorite outdoor activity.

Get Your Spring Cleaning On 

Isn’t it cathartic to air out the old linens, flip the mattress, and get organized? Whether your “spring cleaning” is literal or more about clearing out mental clutter, Wild Tonic is the perfect companion. Treat yourself to a bottle or can after a big cleaning sesh … Or slowly savor our jun kombucha while pondering old habits to shed! Ah, don’t you feel cleansed already?

Revisit Your Resolutions! 

Most people forget about their New Year’s resolutions somewhere around mid-January … The new promise of spring offers the perfect opportunity to revisit yours.

Don’t worry — we’re not suggesting anything crazy. Check out our positive resolution ideas in this post! We promise — these joyful resolutions are worth revisiting!

Spring Has Sprung!

It’s spring at last! We hope you’ve enjoyed our spring ideas and inspirations … Don’t forget the Wild Tonic!

Find a retailer near you to load up on bottles or cans, or have jun kombucha shipped to your door — our products are now available for nationwide delivery.


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What are you most excited about doing now that it’s spring?