April showers have given way to May flowers … With the sun shining in full force, it’s high time for a cold, refreshing beverage. Wild Tonic’s got you covered with our latest seasonal special: Rosemary Lemon Jun Kombucha .

If you’ve already tried our jun kombucha, then you’re already acquainted with the flavor magic that happens when we combine fresh, organic juices, herbs, and aromatics with our honey-fermented jun kombucha. But this time, we’ve really outdone ourselves — this might be the ultimate summer drink! 

Rosemary Lemon is a bright, herbaceous, yet easygoing flavor that’s perfect for savoring the sunny days of late spring and summer. Read on to learn everything you need to know about our latest seasonal offering.

A Seasonal Flavor Sensation 

Lemonade is perfectly nice … But Wild Tonic’s Rosemary Lemon flavor is a far more sophisticated take on the summertime classic. Plus, it’s brimming with the incredible health benefits of jun kombucha.

Our ingredient list has nothing to hide: Rosemary Lemon is made with filtered water, honey, tea, raw jun culture, lemon juice, and rosemary.

Flavor-wise, you can expect smooth notes of lemon and honey, with the slightest pleasing pine rosemary bite. It’s the perfect warm weather pick whether you’re enjoying a bottle while lounging on your front porch or pairing it with your favorite summer recipes.

It’s also great as an addition to your favorite summertime mixed drink. As founder Holly Lyman adds, “it’s the perfect mixer for wildly popular kombucha cocktails and mocktails!” 

Rosemary Lemon is the latest in what has proven a wildly popular series of seasonal offerings. Ever since our first Seasonal Selection, Strawberry Blood Orange, these limited release flavors have been flying off the shelves! 

Our Rosemary Lemon jun kombucha is only available by the bottle, and will be available starting in early May through the summer months. Be sure to stock up so that you have plenty of delicious jun for the sunny days ahead! 

Benefits of Lemon

Lemon isn’t just a refreshing addition to our jun kombucha — it could help support your health in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at some of them: 

Great source of vitamin C: Did you know that lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C? Among its many benefits, vitamin C is an antioxidant. Antioxidants can help prevent free radical damage, which can reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, improve the skin, and reduce signs of aging … to name a few! 

Naturally energizing: Zippy lemon provides an all-natural energy boost. It hydrates and oxygenates, giving you a clean source of energy without adding any extra caffeine.

Mood enhancer: Did you know that the mere scent of lemon can improve mood? According to an Ohio State University study, lemon could have a positive effect on your state of mind. 

Stomach soother: Lemon has high levels of acidity, which can stimulate the body’s production of hydrochloric acid. This can improve digestion. Additionally, lemon can help the body slow down food absorption, which gives your body more time to properly break down vital nutrients. 

Benefits of Rosemary 

Rosemary, which is part of the same family of plants as lemon balm, mint, oregano, also boasts a variety of health benefits: 

Natural antioxidant: Like lemon, rosemary is also a natural antioxidant, possibly owing to compounds like rosmarinic and carnosic acids. This means it could help prevent chronic diseases, boost immunity, and improve overall health. 

Natural antimicrobial properties: Looking to boost your immune system as the seasons change? Rosemary could help. It’s long been used in ayurvedic and traditional medicine as an antibacterial and is frequently employed to help heal wounds. 

Improved mood and memory: It’s possible that rosemary could give you a memory boost — and enhance your mood. According to one study among college students, rosemary ingested twice daily for a month helped to improve memory and sleep quality compared to a placebo group. 

Soothing smell: Like lemon, just the scent of rosemary is soothing. According to one study involving 20 participants monitored before a big exam, inhaling rosemary was said to improve mood and overall mentality. 

Digestion assistance: Did you know that rosemary is frequently used to treat indigestion? Jun kombucha is already helpful with digestion — but adding rosemary certainly doesn’t hurt!

Try Rosemary Lemon Today! 

Wild Tonic jun kombucha is always a treat, but our latest seasonal special really can’t be missed. Not only does Rosemary Lemon’s perfect balance of sweet and tart make for pleasurable drinking, but it also offers plenty of health benefits!  

Make the most of the long days of summer with this delicious seasonal offering. Look for it in stores starting in early May and through the summer months! 

Have you tried any of Wild Tonic’s seasonal specials?