When it comes to pairing food and beverages, why should wine get all the attention? Pairing Jun kombucha can heighten just about any dining experience when done appropriately. 

But what types of foods work best with the unique, subtle flavor profile of Wild Tonic’s jun kombucha? Let’s dive into some basic tips for pairing jun kombucha with food … We welcome you to experiment and see for yourself what combinations you like best! 

What is Jun Kombucha?

Jun kombucha is a little bit different than traditional kombucha. 

While it’s a fermented beverage made with a SCOBY, it’s honey instead of sugar that acts as the primary vehicle for fermentation. 

This yields a few differences in the finished product. Not only does jun kombucha retain prebiotics in addition to probiotics, but honey also has a prominent effect on the finished flavor. 

Honey-kissed jun kombucha is far more subtle than traditional kombucha, with less of a vinegar-y edge and a more mellow, smooth flavor. 

In terms of food pairing, this is a fantastic thing — it means that it won’t dominate the palate and works well with other flavors.

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Two Approaches: Complement or Contrast 

When it comes to pairing food and jun kombucha, there are two basic approaches. 

The first is to complement the flavor — or to pair “like with like,” choosing foods that have a slight sweetness, light acidity, or herbal notes. 

The second is to contrast the flavor — to choose a flavor profile that’s distinctly different from jun kombucha in order to create a yin-yang sense of balance. Let’s take a closer look. 

Foods that Complement Jun Kombucha 

Slightly Sweet or Sour Foods 

Jun kombucha is naturally sweet owing to honey and in our alcoholic versions, a touch of sugar. It’s also naturally acidic, though not quite as acidic as traditional kombucha. 

Therefore, foods that are lightly sweet or sour or both tend to work nicely with jun kombucha. Some examples?

Salads: A beautifully prepared salad is an ideal pairing with jun kombucha. A perfect pick? Our Blueberry Basil jun kombucha, which is available in traditional non-alcoholic and 5.6% ABV versions, contains semi-sweet blueberry balanced by notes of savory basil. 

Pair it with a summery salad like this one, made with mixed greens, blueberries, walnuts, and crumbled cheese with a zingy vinaigrette. 

Marinated Foods: Marinated foods are soaked in a mixture, usually somewhat acidic, before serving. This process infuses the food with flavor, and in some cases, such as with meat, it can soften the texture. 

For an example of a most excellent pairing, consider a honey-marinated chicken made with olive oil, honey, and soy sauce like this paired with our Rosemary Lemon non-alcoholic seasonal selection. 

Or, give it a try with our Tropical Turmeric jun kombucha, available in both traditional non-alcoholic and 5.6% ABV versions. Pineapple and orange add the perfect zippy edge to that honey-kissed sweetness! 

Fruit: Since many of our jun kombucha flavors include fruit, it’s a no-brainer that they pair beautifully with fresh fruit! 

A beautiful bowl of berries and yogurt paired with our Strawberry Blood Orange 5.6% ABV hard jun kombucha is a wonderful combo for brunch; our Mango Ginger flavor, available in both traditional non-alcoholic or 5.6% ABV versions, makes a great pairing with a melange of tropical fruits. 

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Floral or Herbal Undertones 

Foods with floral or herbal undertones work beautifully with jun kombucha. For example …

Baked goods with a floral or herbal element: If you are what you eat, be sweet! Lavender is a popular ingredient in baked goods such as scones, muffins, or cakes. Make these goodies even better by pairing them with our non-alcoholic Lavender Love jun kombucha. 

Rosewater is also a common addition in sweet treats; try them with our Raspberry Goji Rose jun kombucha, available in traditional non-alcoholic and 5.6% ABV versions. 

Herb-heavy dishes: What herbs are you putting in your next sweet or savory creation? Consider pairing it with a like-minded jun kombucha flavor.

For example, a Caprese salad (mozzarella, tomato, and basil) pairs nicely with our Blueberry Basil flavor; peas and mint pair nicely with our Blackberry Mint flavor. Both of the aforementioned flavors are available in traditional non-alcoholic and 5.6% ABV versions.    

Don’t Forget Fermented Foods

Jun kombucha is a fermented beverage, and it loves to be paired with fermented foods! Give any of our flavors a try with a fermented food like kimchi or sauerkraut and see for yourself how fermented foods taste better together. 

Foods That Contrast Jun Kombucha 

The other approach you can take with pairing food and jun kombucha is to choose foods that contrast the sweet, slightly acidic flavor. For example:

Spicy Foods

For heat seekers, jun kombucha can provide the perfect mellow refreshment to balance out foods that “hurt so good.” 

A spicy Indian food meal pairs nicely with our Tropical Turmeric flavor, available in both traditional non-alcoholic and 5.6% ABV versions, which is made with pineapple and orange blended with pepper and turmeric for the perfect bite. Or, spicy wings are balanced out with the mellow sweetness of a flavor like our Mango Ginger.  

Rich Foods 

The sweet, buoyant acidity of jun kombucha offers a pleasing and refreshing contrast to rich foods.

Think about how pizza and cola taste so great together — why not try your next slice with a refreshing glass of jun kombucha? 

Experiment and see for yourself how the acidic bite of jun kombucha helps “cut” through the richness of foods like burgers, mac and cheese, or even Eggs Benedict! 

Ready to Mix and Match?

Now that you’ve got some basic tips for pairing jun kombucha with food, it’s time to get experimenting! Give some of these combos a try and let us know in the comments section what your personal favorite food and jun pairing is … We want to know!  

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What’s your favorite food and jun kombucha pairing?