Happy National Kombucha Day!

The holidays may be over, but the most wonderful time of the year isn’t over quite yet … Did you know that January 15 is National Kombucha Day? 

Yes indeed, there’s a whole holiday dedicated to kombucha. Be sure to grab a bottle or can of Wild Tonic’s jun kombucha to celebrate in style! 

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To help you get in the spirit for this most celebratory of days, we’ve assembled some of our favorite facts about Wild Tonic and our jun kombucha:

It’s all about the honey. When people discover us, they’re often curious about the difference between “traditional” kombucha and jun kombucha. Well, one of the biggest differences is the fact that jun kombucha is primarily fermented using honey instead of cane sugar. 

Honey gives jun kombucha its smooth, clean, signature flavor. It’s a lot mellower than traditional kombucha — it’s even made fans out of people who say they “don’t like” kombucha! 

But honey isn’t just an ingredient to us — it’s a way of life. We’re dedicated to giving back to the honeybee community — check out this post about our work with the Northern Arizona Organic Beekeepers Association (NAOBA.)

To learn more about jun kombucha, check out this post.

Our blue bottles have a fascinating story! Wild Tonic’s signature cobalt blue bottles aren’t just eye catching — there’s a story behind the hue! 

The color is actually inspired by a natural phenomenon. Honeybees love blue and violet tones — likely because flowers of these tones tend to produce the most nectar. 

We love and honor the hardworking honeybees that create the honey for our products! Our bottle color is an homage to them. 

Wanna know more? Learn the full story here

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Jun kombucha = prebiotic and probiotic! Honey gives our jun kombucha its signature flavor. But that’s not all — it changes the fermentation process, too. 

Like traditional kombucha, jun is made with a SCOBY. But the SCOBY reacts differently to honey than sugar — allowing jun to retain both prebiotics and probiotics. Traditional kombucha, on the other hand, only contains probiotics. 

Prebiotics are a type of fiber that help feed probiotics. Probiotics are the “good” bacteria in your gut — they help keep it healthy. Prebiotics and probiotics work together to keep your gut in check! To learn more about the impact of gut health on your overall health, check out this post

The women of Wild Tonic have stories to tell. Don’t worry — nothing scandalous! Wild Tonic is a woman-owned company, and we’ve got a strong female presence in the workplace. We’re proud of it! 

In a recent post, we profiled the women of Wild Tonic — check it out to get to know us better! Plus, learn the favorite jun kombucha flavors of different staffers…

Wild Tonic can be an ingredient, too! There’s no shortage of delicious varieties on the Wild Tonic Roster! Wild Tonic’s jun kombucha comes in an incredible array of flavors and variations, including traditional non-alcoholic, 5.6% ABV hard jun kombucha, and 7.6% ABV hard jun kombucha. 

Even so, it’s fun to mix it up every now and again. As tasty as our jun kombucha is all by itself, it can also be combined with other ingredients to create craft cocktail experiences! Check out this post for some easy cocktail recipes to try.

Happy National ‘Booch Day!

We hope you have a happy and healthy National Kombucha Day. Of course, if you need party supplies, you know where to turn…

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