At Wild Tonic, we’re all about celebrating women. Not only are we a woman-owned company, but our staff boasts plenty of talented women, too! A few months ago, we put up a post featuring the women of Wild Tonic — now, we’re adding another inspiring woman to the mix! Please join us in welcoming our new VP of Non-Alcoholic Jun Kombucha Sales, Michelle Schmidt.

Michelle is new to Wild Tonic, but she’s got over 18 years’ experience in sales and marketing, much of it in the food and drink sector. 

Michelle has built valuable buyer, broker, and distributor relationships nationally and in Canada. She has worked her entire career with Whole Foods, Albertson/Safeway, Kroger, Sprouts, The Fresh Market, Albertson/Safeway, Kroger, & independents nationally, as well as drug (CVS & RiteAid) & Costco, Target, and  Walmart. 

Her motto is “Attitude truly is Everything” — we can’t wait to see what her unique skill set and experience bring to the table at Wild Tonic! 

Let’s get to know Michelle better — here are our most pressing jun kombucha questions! 

What are some of your favorite things about working at Wild Tonic? 

For me, it’s all about the people – we have an amazing team – and equally amazing ‘booch!

“Attitude is truly Everything” is your motto in life and at work. How does that motto inspire you at Wild Tonic?  

In helping grow emerging brands, there are a myriad of challenges and obstacles to maneuver. Looking at those as invitations to grow rather than problems is transforming.

You have extensive experience, having spent 18+ years in sales and marketing at leading food and beverage companies! In your opinion, what sets Wild Tonic apart? 

Wild Tonic represents the culmination of our wonderful founder’s [Holly Lyman] dreams and determination. Not only are we a part of a ‘wildly’ popular and on-trend category, but Wild Tonic also presents a decidedly unique flavor profile, as it’s fermented with honey rather than sugar. It cuts that bite many consumers don’t like yet is still chock full of all the amazing benefits.

What are some projects or goals you’re excited about? 

Really exposing the brand. Wild Tonic has such a phenomenal accessible taste and flavor profile. There is still a large number of people who haven’t climbed aboard the kombucha train yet, so the sky’s the limit.

What do you wish more people knew about Wild Tonic?  

Truly, just how delicious it is!

What’s your favorite Wild Tonic flavor? 

That’s such a tough choice — I probably drink Lavender Love the most, closely followed by Chai Pear and Raspberry Goji-Rose — and I’m also obsessed with Mango Ginger — oh, was I supposed to pick just one? Impossible! 

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Drink Up!

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We hope you’re as excited about our VP of Non-Alcoholic Jun Kombucha Sales as we are! What inspired you most about this interview?

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