A traditional Mother’s Day brunch may be off the table this year due to lockdowns … But that doesn’t mean you can’t still go wild with Kombucha this Mother’s Day!

At Wild Tonic, we’ve got the perfect treat to help make any mom’s day bright: Wild Love® hard jun kombucha! 

This vibrant, buoyant, and buzzy flavor from our 100% woman-owned brewery is the ideal ingredient for Kombucha this Mother’s Day, even if they’re conducted from a safe distance! 

Read on to discover this unique offering from our 7.6% ABV hard jun kombucha line! 

About Wild Love® Hard Jun Kombucha 

What makes Wild Love so deliciously outrageous? 

It all starts with the base recipe for our jun kombucha. You’re probably familiar with kombucha — jun kombucha is its more sophisticated relative, brewed primarily with honey instead of sugar. This alters the fermenting process, allowing for a more mellow flavor and allowing for a beverage that retains prebiotics as well as probiotics. 

Our hard jun kombucha line includes a little bit of organic golden cane sugar to create a pleasing beverage that retains that mellow flavor but provides a joyfully tipsy kick. 

Wild Love® is part of Wild Tonic’s 7.6% ABV line of hard jun kombucha. That means it offers just the right amount of boozy bliss! 

Flavor-wise, this unique concoction features sensuous notes of luscious blackberry with a hint of lavender. These sweet and floral notes combine with the smooth flavor of our honey-fermented brew to make a perfectly nuanced beverage complete with a little buzz. 

Why Wild Love is the Perfect Mother’s Day Beverage 

1. A beverage you can feel good about 

With a buoyant efferevence and light flavor, Wild Love® is festive as champagne … But offers plenty of amazing benefits! For instance, did you know that our naturally gluten-free jun kombucha is rich in antioxidants, which could prevent free radical damage? Or that this naturally prebiotic and probiotic beverage could help boost immunity and improve digestion? Tip a glass to mom’s health this Mother’s day! 

Wild Tonic’s hard jun kombucha line is an expertly made craft brew made with organic tea, honey, and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY). 

Our all-natural secondary fermentation brings the ABV up to 7.6% using sustainably sourced ingredients to create a flavorful, full-bodied beverage.

With no added sulfites and no artificial flavorings, Wild Tonic hard jun kombucha is an environmentally friendly beverage option that you can feel good about! 

2. Sophisticated flavor 

Our Wild Love® hard jun kombucha has all of the nuance and sophistication of a craft cocktail, but all you have to do is open the bottle and pour. 

There’s no secret to our flavor success: it’s all about the process and the ingredients. 

At Wild Tonic, we’re committed to sourcing the best ingredients possible. 

Our fruit juices and florals are organically sourced … and every product is made with plenty of painstaking attention, care, and love. We believe the quality shows in our finished products. 

Rich flavors abound, and cleverly concocted flavor combinations yield fascinating flavors that will linger in your memory long after that pretty indigo blue bottle is empty. 

3. The perfect boozy brunch ingredient 

Even if you can’t treat mom to an IRL mother’s day brunch, you can still supply her with the right ingredients for a memorable brunch … Even if you’re enjoying it via Zoom or FaceTime! 

Wild Love® is the perfect addition to a brunch spread as a stand-alone beverage, or it can be used as an ingredient to DIY a fancy cocktail. Plus, it pairs well with food. Whether it’s pancakes, French toast, or scrambled eggs, Wild Love® is the perfect companion to all of your brunch favorites. 

4. Available nationwide

No matter where you are, chances are Wild Love® isn’t too far away. Using the “Where to Buy” page on our website, you can actually search by individual product to see the closest retailer in your area!

As an added bonus, we just offered a price drop in select retailers including Costco in Colorado and Whole Foods locations in California, Arizona, Colorado, and Las Vegas! 

We’re currently working on Direct Delivery from our brewery … Meantime, you can score Wild Love online through a variety of retailers including Instacart, Amazon/Whole Foods, Favor, Postmates, or Uber Eats. Note: Availability of flavors and hard jun kombucha may be limited depending on restrictions in your specific area. 

Ready to Go Wild? 

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to treat mom or any mother figure in your life to a buzzy little treat. 

At Wild Tonic, we’re committed to offering socially responsible and health-conscious beverages that taste good and feel good. Consider gifting your mom, or any mother figure in your life, with Wild Love® hard jun kombucha this year — it’s bound to leave a lasting impression! 

Will you be celebrating with Kombucha this Mother’s Day?