Health and wellness is more important than ever right now … Trouble is, getting out to grocery and beverage outlets has become more complicated based on the world events in 2020. 

Happily, Wild Tonic’s got the perfect solution: jun kombucha ordered online, delivered to your door! 

That’s right: Wild Tonic is now offering direct delivery to consumers.

Traditional (non-alcoholic) jun kombucha will be available for nationwide shipping, and Wild Tonic Hard Jun Kombucha (5.6% ABV) will initially be available for Direct to Consumer purchases in Arizona only, per state regulations. Both Traditional and Hard flavors will be available for direct shipping in the brand new 12oz cans only.

Read on to learn more about this exciting development! 

Why Delivery, Why Now?

Put simply: you asked for it, and we listened. 

We’re living in unprecedented times. Although some restrictions are beginning to loosen as various states lift stay at home orders, we observe that it is extremely important to uphold certain standards for personal safety and wellness.

As you may have experienced, this can make it complicated to go about daily tasks like visiting the grocery store or your favorite beverage outlet. 

The result? There’s been a much larger demand for at-home delivery of consumer goods … including Wild Tonic products! 

Plenty of existing customers have expressed an interest in getting Wild Tonic delivered. Plus, new customers are eager to give our products a try, and we want to make it easy to access them!

To respond to this increased customer demand, we’ve officially launched the Wild Tonic online store

As founder Holly Lyman puts it, 

“We are doing this for the consumer. It’s imperative that they know that we want everyone to be safe, and get our health-conscious product in their hands.

We are not sitting back during this pandemic and waiting for it to end…

We want to make sure that everyone knows that we are here to provide our product to our loyal consumers in an efficient way, and are evolving our business model to adapt to the current climate.

While retail will still continue to roll out, we want to be considerate of those consumers maintaining home quarantine and unable to go to stores.” 

What Products Can You Buy Online? 

For the initial rollout, Wild Tonic is releasing our brand new slim cans to the public for ordering online. Here’s what you can expect to find:

  • Wild Tonic Traditional (Non-Alcoholic) Jun Kombucha: Across the nation, customers can order our traditional jun kombucha products for delivery. Flavors available are Blueberry Basil, Raspberry Goji Rose, Blackberry Mint and Mango Ginger.
  • Wild Tonic Hard Jun Kombucha (5.6% ABV): Per state regulations, our 5.6% Hard Jun Kombucha will initially only be available for delivery in the state of Arizona. Flavors available are Strawberry Blood Orange, Blueberry Basil, Raspberry Goji Rose and Mango Ginger.

Want to get better acquainted with our robust selection of jun kombucha flavors? Check out this post.

Interested in getting the party started with our 5.6% and 7.6% ABV lines of hard jun kombucha?

While there are limitations on Wild Tonic’s direct to consumer program, you may still be able to find these products for delivery. 

In select areas, our products containing alcohol may be available for delivery from some of our online partners including Amazon/Whole Foods, Favor, and Instacart.

Note that these services may not be available in all areas and that rules and restrictions will vary depending on where you are.

But Wait, There’s More … 

In addition to the new direct-to-consumer launch, Wild Tonic is also rolling out an increased presence of our Hard Jun Kombucha in So-Cal retailers this summer through a new partnership with Classic Distributing.

Classic Beverage of Southern California has been servicing the metro LA region for 40 years, and includes a robust selection of domestic, imported brands, and craft beers, along with a selection of Non-ALC beverages.  

As Classic Distributing puts it, “Our tradition of quality service, profound knowledge of the marketplace, along with our sense of community has built a tremendous foundation on which to develop an effective partnership with suppliers and retailers, now inclusive of Wild Tonic Hard Jun Kombucha.” 

Convenient, Buoyant, Delicious! 

We continue to live in uncertain times. However, one thing’s for sure: Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha, with its bountiful health benefits and bright, buoyant flavor, is the perfect way to keep your spirits bright! 

Make your summer sparkle with Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha … It’s easier now than ever with our new direct to consumer delivery service!
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