Feeling thirsty … But hesitant to go out to the store while you’re still under stay at home orders? Good news: Wild Tonic’s jun kombucha available online now!

Thanks to a variety of amazing online retailers, Wild Tonic can easily be obtained online in many areas of the country. Whether you’re ordering delivery or arranging curbside pick-up, there are plenty of options for nabbing Wild Tonic while staying safe. 

About Wild Tonic

New to Wild Tonic? Let’s get acquainted. Wild Tonic offers a type of kombucha you may not have heard of before: jun kombucha. What’s that? 

A Different Type of Kombucha: Jun Kombucha 

Jun kombucha is similar to kombucha, but with a few important differences that result in a distinctly different drinking experience. 

Like kombucha, jun kombucha is a fermented beverage made with tea. They’re both made with a SCOBY (short for “symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast.”) 

However, unlike kombucha, jun kombucha is made using honey instead of cane sugar. This not only alters the flavor, but the entire fermentation process.

Honey works with the SCOBY differently than sugar, cultivating all sorts of good bacteria during the process. This means that the finished beverage is both prebiotic and probiotic; kombucha is only probiotic. More benefits

But the flavor is what you’ll notice right away. Honey fermentation makes for a far smoother drinking experience, with less of the acidic vinegar flavor you might associate with kombucha. 

kombucha this mother's day

Wild Tonic Products 

Wild Tonic’s jun kombucha comes in three different categories: non-alcoholic, 5.6% ABV, and 7.6% ABV. 

The non-alcoholic jun kombucha is made and fermented purely with honey; for our alcohol line, honey is combined with organic golden cane sugar to increase alcohol levels while still allowing for the clean, smooth flavor profile that our customers crave. Or as we like to put it, get the buzz without the sting!  

What else goes in the mix? A variety of high quality and carefully sourced ingredients including organic fruit juice, herbs, and botanicals. 

Discover all of our flavors in this post

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Available Online! 

Wanna give Wild Tonic a try? You’re in luck. 

We’re working on delivery directly from our brewery to your door … Meantime, between our incredible retail partners, our products are available online in many parts of the country. 

Here are just a few of our many online retailers … To search in your area, click here.

  • Amazon / Whole Foods: Amazon offers grocery delivery through a variety of services, including Amazon Fresh, Prime Now, and Whole Foods. Check out Amazon / Whole Foods
  • Favor: This is a Texas-based delivery service that allows customers to order from restaurants, grocery stores, and liquor stores. You can find Wild Tonic products on the platform from select retailers. Check out Favor
  • Instacart: This online grocery retail hub allows you to order from a variety of popular grocery chains (the exact stores will depend on your region.) If Wild Tonic is available at a local store, you’ll be able to score bottles for delivery or pickup. Check out Instacart
  • Postmates: This service offers food, drink, groceries, and other products for delivery or pickup. Depending on your region, Wild Tonic products may be available. Check out Postmates
  • UberEats: UberEats lets you order a variety of food and drink options from an easy to navigate online platform. Wild Tonic is available in select areas. Check out UberEats

Check Out Wild Tonic Wherever You Are! 

The many amazing online retailers and delivery services out there today mean that Wild Tonic is never far away, no matter where you are.

Check out one of the incredible online retailers above, or for even more retailers in your area, check out the “Where to Buy” page on our site. 

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