Wild Tonic isn’t just a woman-owned company … Our staff is brimming with talented women, too! A few months back, we put up a post celebrating the women of Wild Tonic — now, we’re excited to add another fierce female to the staff! Please join us in welcoming our new CEO/CFO, Jenn Vervier.

Jenn may be new to Wild Tonic, but she’s a veteran in the craft brewing industry, with over 25 years’ experience. Over the years, she’s worked to conceptualize and implement top-level growth strategies while simultaneously attending to budget management. She’s also been responsible for overseeing development projects and a diverse group of coworkers. 

She’s worked at a variety of prominent craft breweries, ranging from small craft brewing operations to world-famous companies like New Belgium Brewing.

Craft brewing has taken Jenn all around — and even outside of — the United States. We’re so happy that she’s landed at Wild Tonic — we can’t wait to see what wonderful things will grow under her capable leadership!

To get to know Jenn a little better, we asked her some hard-hitting jun kombucha questions…

What are you loving about working at Wild Tonic so far?

The first thing I learned is what jun kombucha is and how magical it is. My friends here in Fort Collins are so appreciative that I’ve introduced them to it. Another one of my favorite things about the company is how dedicated everyone who works here is to the brand, to Holly [Lyman, Wild Tonic’s founder], and to each other.

Wow, you’ve been in the craft brewing industry for 25+ years! Can you comment on how the industry has changed over the years?

What do you mean? The craft beer industry hasn’t changed in the past 25 years! Just kidding, of course. Those of us in craft beer in the early 1990s invented a category the hallmarks of which were quirky, passionate, hardworking founders, boundary-breaking recipes, and a renegade proletarian spirit. The similarities to hard kombucha now are what drew me to Wild Tonic!

Kombucha and jun kombucha have really become popular in the past few years. What do you think the craft kombucha space will look like in the coming years? 

New Belgium became an iconic brand, far beyond just the craft beer space, in large part because of the company culture. Many of the essential elements are ingrained in me and I’m excited to bring them to Wild Tonic, like participative decision-making, having a clear vision (i.e., purpose, mission, and strategy), and being able to bring your whole self to work. I’m also excited to learn more about Wild Tonic’s environmental commitments and to deepen them.

What are some current projects or goals you’re excited about?  

I’m working on so many projects right now, and of course, they’re all exciting!  We’re looking at bringing on investors, restructuring the sales team, budgeting for growth and profitability, and new product development. 

What do you wish more people knew about Wild Tonic? 

I wish more people knew how delicious Wild Tonic is and how carefully Holly has created the recipes and sourced the ingredients. Also, that we’re a certified Women’s Business Enterprise!

What’s your favorite Wild Tonic flavor?

During my first visit to the Hive, I was fortunate to be able to try our 7.6% ABV hard jun kombucha brands. They’re all amazing, but I especially loved Dancing Naked®. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Jun Kombucha Like a Boss! 

Did reading Jenn’s story make you thirsty for some jun kombucha?

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We hope you’re as excited about our new CEO/CFO as we are! What inspired you most about this interview?

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