The History of Kombucha is a mystery to most. Most people are familiar with the delicious tonic, kombucha, which has become a fixture in the health food industry. However, even those who sip on kombucha drinks on the regular may not know about Jun, or Jun Kombucha. It is hailed by some as the “champagne of kombucha” and for good reason. This delicious tonic is light, delicious and has a softer taste than tradition kombucha. 

So, how did this little sister of kombucha come to be and what can you expect when you drink Jun? A lot more than you probably expect. Take a look at the history of this drink to learn more about Jun.

The History of Kombucha

There are several different tales that are used to describe the origin story of Jun. However, most experts agree that this tonic was first brewed in the Himalayan mountains over 1,000 years ago. There are others that claim that Jun is just a divergent of kombucha that was developed once the elixir started to become more popular in the West. 

Some people describe Jun as a type of kombucha, while other classify it as its own drink all together. They bost are fermented teas that have a similar taste and similar health benefits. No matter what side of these two opposing thoughts you believe in, there is one thing for sure: this illusive elixir is beyond delicious. 

All of the mystery surrounding this drink is one of the many reasons that we love Jun and all that this drink has to offer. 

history of kombucha

How is Jun Made? 

Much like kombucha, Jun is made by fermenting tea with Symbiotic Community of Bacteria and Yeast, or SCOBY. This is a culture that plays host to different microorganisms that ultimately make it possible to make tea into a fermented beverage. 

The fermentation process of Jun is extremely important. In fact, by using honey during this fermentation process, Jun is able to retain both prebiotics and probiotics which are great for gut health. Traditional kombucha on the other hand, only has probiotics. 

Jun is typically made with green or white tea instead of the black tea typically used to make kombucha. Instead of being sweetened with sugar, Jun is actually sweetened with honey. result is a more floral and lighter taste that doesn’t have as much vinegar or bite as traditional kombucha. If you aren’t a fan of the more sour flavor of kombucha, then Jun may be a much more delicate and delicious alternative.

The honey used in this drink comes with a number of benefits—besides the flavor. This also mineralizes the drink and the honey will help your system build a defense against allergens. Replacing the sugar in kombucha with honey also means more acids, B vitamins and live enzymes in Jun.

Just like kombucha, there are different spices, sweeteners and fruits that can be added to the Jun to give it unique flavor. Also, like kombucha, Jun will have a nice fizziness to it when the fermentation process is done. 

What Are the Health Benefits of Jun Kombucha? 

Upon first sip, you will likely notice how great Jun Kombucha tastes—but is this natural tonic really good for you? The short answer is “yes.” 

Many people add Jun Kombucha to their current health routine to help with gut health. This is extremely important as the gut is tied to so many other areas of our health.

But kombucha isn’t just about taking care of bloat and heartburn. Take a look at some of the health benefits of Jun to see for yourself what adding this drink into your routine can do for you.

  • Helps naturally boost digestive function
  • Delivers billions of good gut bacteria to the system 
  • Contains both prebiotics and probiotics that contribute to healthy gut microbiome
  • Serve as a healthy replacement to other processed juices and teas 
  • Help improve your mood by improving your gut (approximately 90% of the body’s serotonin comes from the gut)
  • Improves overall immunity and immune function 
  • Delivers lots of antioxidants to help fight off environmental toxins
  • Boosts your body’s ability to fight off allergies 
  • Has doses of important enzymes, minerals and vitamins

These are a lot of benefits for a singular drink. But this is why for hundreds of years, people have turned to Jun kombucha as a health tonic designed to help people live their healthiest lives. Plus, Jun is naturally energizing while still having less sugar and caffeine than a cup of coffee or a soda. The result is a great alternative to those caffeinated drinks that can leave you stressed, jittery and without sleep at night.

Of course, like any other healthy beverage or recipe, the key to having the best health benefits possible is drinking only the best quality Jun tea. It all comes down to how the drink is made and the quality of the ingredients it is made with. 

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