It’s not just a question of “beer or wine?” anymore — how about some hard jun kombucha?

The world of innovative alcoholic beverages has been expanding in recent years, and hard jun kombucha is one of the most exciting and deliciously refreshing additions. 

Hard jun kombucha is just as accessible and affordable as craft beer, but has the cachet and flavor nuances of an expertly made cocktail. It’s the perfect easy-drinking option for people who want something a little different! 

Plus, hard jun kombucha retains many of the health benefits of traditional jun kombucha. It’s a fermented beverage, which means it contains healthy probiotics. As you already know from this post, a healthy gut is key to a healthy body and mind — why not enjoy added benefits along with a great happy hour beverage? 

In this post, we’ll delve a little further into what hard jun kombucha is … and introduce you to Wild Tonic’s creative hard jun kombucha offerings, which are now available nationwide! 

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What is Jun?

To understand hard jun kombucha, first you’ve got to understand what jun is — and how it’s different from traditional kombucha.  

We like to think of jun as kombucha’s exotic relative.

Similar to kombucha, jun is a fermented beverage made with tea and a SCOBY culture (short for “symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast” in case you didn’t know.) However, there are some important differences, too. 

Kombucha’s fermentation process relies on cane sugar; jun, on the other hand, is made with honey. 

You could think of this as the fork in the road with these two beverages. 

Honey doesn’t just affect the flavor of the beverage — it affects the actual fermentation process. Honey reacts differently with the SCOBY; it’s uniquely suited to help develop all sorts of healthy bacteria. 

Honey’s natural properties allow for a finished beverage that retains both prebiotics and probiotics, as opposed to kombucha, which is only probiotic. Since prebiotics work in tandem with probiotics, helping them do their job more effectively, this is great news for jun drinkers!  

While you won’t taste the presence of prebiotics, you will taste the difference between jun and kombucha. The honey lends a distinct flavor to jun, giving it a smooth, mellow flavor that’s far less acidic than your average kombucha beverage. 

In terms of a smooth sipping experience, many drinkers find that jun kombucha takes the cake! 

What is Hard Jun Kombucha? 

Hard jun kombucha simply takes our classic jun a few steps further to increase alcohol levels.

Where our non-alcoholic jun is made solely with honey, the alcohol line is made with both honey and organic golden cane sugar. The sugar helps increase alcohol levels … all the while maintaining that smooth, clean flavor profile that jun lovers crave. 

A painstaking, detail-oriented approach to brewing our hard jun kombucha yields a mellow, smooth-drinking beverage. It’s got a little buzz … but no bite! 

Our alcohol line has two separate categories: 5.6% ABV and 7.6% ABV. 

Regardless of alcohol level (or lack thereof in the case of our non-alcoholic offerings), every flavor is carefully hand-crafted with the best-quality fruit juice, herbs, and botanicals we can possibly source.

Hard Jun Kombucha Flavors 

Curious about what flavors you might find in our hard jun kombucha line? Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find in stores: 

5.6% ABV Hard Jun Kombucha Flavors

Our 5.6% ABV line is perfect for easy drinking — its relatively low ABV makes it a perfect pick for an afternoon treat or a delightful addition to a lazy brunch. This line includes the following flavors:

  • Blackberry Mint
  • Blueberry Basil
  • Hoppy Buzz
  • Mango Ginger
  • Raspberry Goji Rose
  • Strawberry Blood Orange
  • Tropical Turmeric

7.6% ABV Hard Jun Kombucha Flavors

Our 7.6% ABV line packs a little bit more of a punch; perfect for slow sipping on a summer evening or as a dinner party aperitif. This line includes the following flavors:

  • Backwoods Bliss
  • Dancing Naked®
  • Mind Spank®
  • Wild Love®

Creative Drinking Options 

While all of the offerings in our alcohol lines are delicious as-is, they can also be incorporated into all manner of creative recipes!

For instance, cocktail enthusiasts may enjoy our Mixology page, featuring recipes for jun kombucha cocktails. Care for a Tropical Turmeric Margarita or Blueberry Basil Gin and Tonic?

A few more delicious options for your consideration? Make hard jun kombucha slushies or make “adult” popsicles using our hard jun kombucha! 

Pick Up Some Hard Jun Kombucha Today!

Ready to check out Wild Tonic’s hard jun kombucha? Good news — it’s readily available across the nation. 

Our products can be found at grocery stores and liquor stores across the U.S.A. To locate the retailer closest to you, visit our Where to Find Us page.  

In select areas, hard jun kombucha may also be available for delivery. 

Have you tried Wild Tonic’s hard jun kombucha yet? What’s your favorite flavor?