Give yourself the gift of self-care this holiday season: With our Guide to Mental and Physical Health Over the Holidays !

If you’re feeling like you’re in a holi-daze, you’re not alone. According to research, as many as 88% of Americans experience stress around the holidays. 

Plus, the ongoing lifestyle changes we’ve experienced in 2020 have seemingly turned up the volume on everything we’re feeling. That means it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself this holiday season.

While many people associate self-care with pampering practices like spa days and retail therapy, at Wild Tonic, we like to take a different approach. 

We see self-care as a series of positive lifestyle routines and habits that keep you grounded, happy, and healthy. Here are some easy self-care routines to add to your personal repertoire:

Holiday Self-Care: 5 Easy Routines

These routines may be small, but when repeated over time, they can have positive returns. Give them a try and see for yourself what a difference they can make!

Try Some Deep Breathing

Breathing: hey, you’ve gotta do it anyway, so why not make it count?

You may have noticed that when you get stressed, your breath becomes short and ragged. That’s a biological response — it’s that fight-or-flight response letting you know you might need to sprint away fast from a stressful situation. 

According to Harvard Medical School, taking deep, steady breaths “encourages full oxygen exchange — that is, the beneficial trade of incoming oxygen for outgoing carbon dioxide. Not surprisingly, it can slow the heartbeat and lower or stabilize blood pressure.”

Breathing deeply may not change any stressful situations, but it can improve your ability to calmly deal with them.

Take Time For Yourself

Hey, we get it. If you have kids, a job, responsibilities, it’s difficult to carve out time for yourself at any time of year. While time can be at a premium during the holidays, it’s extra-important to make a little time for yourself every day.

It doesn’t have to be much. Maybe it’s 30 minutes to do an at-home yoga routine. If 30 minutes seems like a lofty goal, maybe it’s just five minutes to walk around the block. 

Whether your block of “me time” is big, small, or somewhere in-between, it’s a show of self-care and self-respect that can put you in a much better mindset to deal with holiday madness.   

Treat Yourself … Mindfully 

The stress of the holidays can make it tempting to overindulge in the name of self-soothing. Unfortunately, overdoing it — whether it’s with food, drink, shopping, or anything else — rarely feels good afterward. 

Mindfulness can help steer you toward moderation. Whatever way you choose to treat yourself, do it intentionally.

Whether it’s treating yourself to a few holiday cookies, savoring a serving of hard jun kombucha or a Wild Tonic cocktail over a Zoom happy hour, take the time to savor the experience. Don’t gloss over this moment of pleasure!

Get Crafty 

There’s nothing like the joy of creating something. Crafting can get you into a “flow” state — not unlike the state you can attain with regular meditation. 

According to research, getting into a creative state of mind can help feed your “ravenous” brain — and help you feel more fulfilled. Plus, your finished craft items might make great DIY holiday gifts! That’s a win-win prospect.

Move Your Body

Moving in a way that feels good and authentic to you — whether it’s walking, jogging, dancing, a high-intensity at-home workout, or throwing a football in the backyard — is extremely beneficial for your body and mind.

Exercise is like meditation in motion. According to research, It pumps your endorphins, improves your circulation, and puts you in a better mood. Plus, it just feels good! By making time for movement, you’ll be doing yourself a great service.

stay zen with wild tonic

Keep Calm and Wild Tonic On! 

We at Wild Tonic would like to wish you and yours a happy, healthy, and stress-free holiday season. We hope these simple and easily actionable self-care routines will help keep you feeling great!

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What’s your holiday self-care routine?