Summer has arrived, and the good times are in full swing! 

The Fourth of July is just around the corner … How are you planning to celebrate?

True — your celebration this year might look a little different from recent years, but there are still plenty of opportunities for fun in the sun. 

Whether you’re watching fireworks, entertaining outdoors, going on a nature hike, camping, or something else entirely, one thing’s for sure — Wild Tonic’s the perfect accompaniment. 

Let’s take a look at how our delicious, refreshing jun kombucha can enhance any and every Fourth of July plans you might have:

Fun For Watching Fireworks

Dang, those fiery displays in the sky can sure work up a thirst. Whether you’re watching the fireworks from a swanky city waterfront, a rooftop deck, or a small town square, Wild Tonic is the perfect beverage to quench the fire inside of you while you watch the fire in the sky. 

Feeling frisky? Enjoy the display with our 5.6% ABV Raspberry Goji Rose — featuring tart raspberry and delicate florals, with a zippy hint of goji. 

Of course, if you’re in a public place or want to keep it PG-rated if there are a lot of kids around, our traditional (non-alcoholic) jun kombucha line is always a classic pick.

Outdoor Entertaining

Whether you’re hosting or attending an outdoor get-together, Wild Tonic is an inspired choice.

If you’re hosting, Wild Tonic’s jun kombucha is the perfect offering for guests — a little unexpected, but with a mellow, honey-kissed flavor that’s bound to be a hit. 

Wanna order a big batch? No problem. Wild Tonic is now offering delivery from our brewery, so you can order our cans for convenient delivery to your door. Note: our hard jun kombucha may not be available for delivery in some areas.

We’ve also partnered with a variety of retailers offering delivery — check out this post and see if your favorite local retailer is on the list!

If you’re attending as a guest, Wild Tonic’s jun kombucha is the perfect item to bring along to the party. Not only is it a super-polite host/ess gift, but it’s bound to stand out when most people bring wine or beer!  

The Perfect Hiking Refreshment 

Going hiking? Make sure to pack some Wild Tonic with the rest of your picnic supplies. There’s nothing like arriving at a beautiful vista and treating yourself to the inimitable flavor of a refreshing jun kombucha.

What could be finer than cracking open a can of one of our delicious flavors like our seasonal special flavor, Mango Ginger a sensationally smooth variety of jun kombucha with lemon, honey, and a pleasing pine rosemary bite. 

Remember: jun kombucha boasts a variety of potential health benefits. So by enjoying our jun kombucha, you’re not just treating yourself to a refreshing beverage. You could be fighting free radicals, improving digestion, and boosting your immune system with every sip! 

Hiking is great for the mind and body … jun kombucha makes the experience even better! To find a Wild Tonic retailer close to you, visit our “Where to Buy” page.

jun kombucha

Camping? Don’t Forget the Wild Tonic! 

Wild Tonic was made for campfire fun! Whether you’re out in the wilderness or out in your backyard, bring along some of our jun kombucha and let the good times roll.

Share stories around the fire over a bottle of our heady 7.6% ABV line of hard jun kombucha featuring flavors like Backwoods Bliss, a bourbon barrel aged variety of jun kombucha featuring oak highlights and vanilla and butterscotch undertones; or, sample our Mind Spank®, characterized by notes of coffee, chocolate and maple.

Whether you’re enjoying our 5.6% ABV, our 7.6% ABV, or our non-alcoholic jun kombucha, your time outdoors is bound to be even sweeter thanks to our tasty, feel-good beverages.

Happy Fourth of July from Wild Tonic! 

At Wild Tonic, we want you to enjoy all the best moments in life with a sense of wild abandon! Here’s to freedom for all, to enjoyment, and to your health and safety! We hope you have a fun, joyful, and healthy Fourth of July. 

What are your Fourth of July Plans?