Father’s Day is just around the corner … Wild Tonic is the perfect addition to the celebration!  So why not indulge in the best Father’s Day Kombucha !?

Show your dad (or any favorite father figure in your life) some love with our hard jun kombucha … or any of the other offerings from our robust roster of alcoholic and non-alcoholic jun kombucha.

Buzzy, bright, and uplifting, the feel-good beverages from our environmentally-friendly brewery are guaranteed to put dad in a real party mood.

Keep reading to discover our jun kombucha lines and why they’re the ideal choice for Father’s Day! 

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About Our Hard Jun Kombucha 

What makes our hard jun kombucha so great?

It all starts with the base. While you might be familiar with kombucha, jun kombucha is a little bit different. It’s brewed primarily with honey instead of sugar. This changes the fermentation process, resulting in a much more smooth drinking experience than the kombucha you may be accustomed to.

Not only is the flavor mellower thanks to honey — but it also retains prebiotics in addition to probiotics, making it even more beneficial to your health. 

A touch of organic golden cane sugar added to the ferment is what gives our hard jun kombucha its alcoholic kick — helping it maintain that smooth flavor but adding a nice little kick. 

With 5.6% and 7.6% ABV lines among our offerings, you can choose the perfect amount of boozy bliss for your get-together! 

Why Wild Love is the Perfect Father’s Day Kombucha 

1. A better-for-you-beverage

Wild Tonic’s hard jun kombucha offerings offer a nice kick … but in the scheme of alcoholic drinks, they’re definitely one of the healthier options out there.

Our jun kombucha offerings boast a bevy of benefits for the body …

For example, did you know that our jun kombucha is chock-full of antioxidants? That means that with every sip, you’re fighting free radical damage, which is a major cause of illness … not to mention visible signs of aging. 

Additionally, our naturally gluten-free jun kombucha is a fermented beverage which contains prebiotics and probiotics. This means that every time you drink, you could be boosting immunity and improving digestion.

With no artificial flavorings and no added sulfites, Wild Tonic hard jun kombucha is a feel-good beverage that’s better for you.

Cheers … to dad’s health and yours! 

2. Incredible flavor 

Dad deserves a drink that’s completely unique!

With the buzz of a craft beer but the sophistication of a masterpiece of mixology, our hard jun kombucha offers the best of both worlds. No cocktail shaker required — all you have to do is open the bottle or can and enjoy. That’s what we call sophistication without complication!

How do we do it? No big secret. It’s all about being obsessed with making the best product we can. That means taking care with the process and our ingredients. 

Our ingredients list contains organic juices, ethically and sustainably harvested teas, and the best honey we can possibly find. We take great care with the fermentation process — we love what we do, and we are passionate about creating the best quality product possible.

With rich, luscious flavors with unique subtleties, Wild Tonic hard jun kombucha is a pleasure to drink and will definitely leave a lasting impression!

3. Two words: boozy brunch

Summertime, and the living is easy … why not treat dad to a lazy, delicious, boozy brunch?

Wild Tonic is the perfect addition to your brunch spread. It’s great as a stand-alone beverage to accompany eggs, French toast, and fresh fruit — but it can also be used to create masterful mixology-forward creations. Check out some of our cocktail inspirations here

4. Available across the nation

No matter where you are … no matter where dad is … it’s easy to get your hands on Wild Tonic! Looking for where to buy? It’s as easy as opening up the “Where to Buy” page on our website. You can search by product to find the closest retailer!  

Additionally, we now offer Direct Delivery of select products from our brewery — though delivery of alcoholic offerings is limited based on region. 

You can also arrange for delivery or pickup of Wild Tonic products via a variety of retailers including Instacart, Amazon/Whole Foods, Favor, Postmates, or Uber Eats. Note: Availability of flavors and hard jun kombucha may be limited depending on restrictions in your specific area. 

Ready to Go Wild this Father’s Day? 

With Father’s Day a mere few days away, there’s never been a better time to treat dad — or any father figure in your life — to the best hard jun kombucha out there.

At Wild Tonic, we want to provide beverages that make the best moments in life even sweeter. You can rest assured that you’re enjoying a socially responsible and health-conscious beverage! That’s something you, dad, and everyone else can feel good about.

How will you celebrate Father’s Day this year?