Temperatures are dropping, leaves are changing and it’s just about time to take out those warm autumn knits. Fall has made its way back to this beautiful corner of the world and we couldn’t be more grateful for it here at our Wild Tonic headquarters. 

Summer proved to be a season of growth for so many of us in the hive. Many of us reconnected with nature.

With so many beautiful spaces all around Sedona and the Southwest in general we all made the most of these summer months. We all enjoyed time reconnecting with loved ones. After so much time with so much uncertainty, we finally got out and got to see the faces of our loved ones in person. We spent time working on a brand new e-commerce platform and started working towards a bright future for Wild Tonic. Our newest team members, Michelle and Jen helped us all grow in an amazing forward direction by utilizing their expertise developed through years of experience. When we say, it was a growing summer. We truly mean it & we are beyond grateful for such a beautiful season. 

With every season of growth comes a time to harvest your hard work. Our team has been hard at work harvesting so much of the herbs and botanicals that we grow on our farm. The process is just as important as the plants themselves. We make sure that every herb and botanical are handpicked and processed. The earth works hard to provide the food and medicine our bodies need and it is up to us to utilize that in the best way possible. By harvesting by hand, we’re able to get the most flavor and function out of each and every leaf, root, or flower. 

Beyond our farm, so many new ideas are ready to be harvested and shared with you. 

A few months ago we took a look at our direct to you shipping program and realized, let’s take a moment and make this better. In March of 2020, when the world gave us so much uncertainty and time spent ordering our necessities to our front door, we responded quickly to make sure you all had the ability to get our jun kombucha delivered right to your door. But with that quick response meant having to hold back on some of our shipment options as we had to work with many different government agencies to ensure our fresh, organic, probiotic beverage could cross state lines and be delivered to you without any problems. Now we’ve had a chance to make that happen and we cannot wait to show you what we’ve been working on soon. 

We will celebrate this new beginning falling into autumn symbolizes. We will celebrate the harvesting of our hard work. Just like the leaves on our trees show us, the closing of one phase of our life is a new beginning of something else. As we say goodbye to summer, we will ring in the fall with our tried and true Seasonal Specialty brew, our Chai Pear Jun Kombucha. This hive’s favorite kombucha flavor is overflowing with sweet and juicy pear, smooth organic honey, and just the right amount of spice. 

Our Chai Pear Jun Kombucha is the perfect crisp beverage to take along on a picturesque autumn day hike, to hydrate after a long day at the apple orchage, or just help cultivate a cozy vibe as autumn progresses.

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