Keep calm and drink wild tonic! We’re two months into 2021 … How’s it going?

Hey … If you’re feeling frustrated that your New Year’s resolutions aren’t going as planned, annoyed summer is still months off, and/or generally stressed, you’re not alone. 

A powerful first step to regaining your equilibrium? Get your mind and body on the same page.

Wild Tonic can help with that part!

Jun kombucha is brimming with potential benefits that could improve your health — emotionally and physically. Let’s take a look at how Wild Tonic can contribute to your overall well-being! 

Calm and Serenity in Stressful Times: How Wild Tonic Helps!

Small things can add up to a huge difference when it comes to coping with stress. Here are just a few of the ways Wild Tonic could potentially help:

Feeding the “Emotional Brain”

You’ve heard the terms “stomach tied up in knots” and “butterflies in your stomach.” In fact, you’ve probably felt both sensations yourself! 

Turns out, it’s not just mumbo jumbo. The gut has a lot to do with your emotional health. 

Most people associate the gut with digestion. That’s true … But that’s not the whole story. Your gut is a pretty incredible place — not only does it help deal with processing what you eat and drink but it’s also a powerful player when it comes to your emotional health. 

Did you know that the gut is sometimes called the “second brain”?

It’s true. Turns out, there are roughly 100 million neurons embedded in the walls of your gut. These little guys are equipped with their own set of reflexes and senses. They’re like little computers designed to help your body deal with digestive issues when they come up … And to generally monitor your overall health.

Overall health means they go beyond just digestive maintenance. These little neurons can also impact your emotional health. 

In a fascinating article in Scientific American, Emeran Mayer, professor of physiology, psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles confirmed that “A big part of our emotions are probably influenced by the nerves in our gut.”

OK, so butterflies in the stomach are a real thing. But what does it mean? 

In short, it means that if you want to feed your mind the right way, it starts with what you put in your body. 

Wild Tonic: It’s Great For the Gut

We’ve talked about it before … We’ll probably talk about it again. Gut health is one of the key gateways to overall health, and Wild Tonic can be part of that journey. 

Proper nutrition — what you put in your body — is the key way to keep your gut in good working order. 

“You are what you eat” is a famous phrase for a reason! What you eat and drink is literally absorbed by your body and then used as fuel to power every system inside of you. So … What are you choosing to put in your body? 

One of the best ways to maintain gut health is to choose foods and drinks that help promote “good” bacteria in your gut.   

How can Wild Tonic help? Well, it starts with the ferment…

Fermented Foods For Gut and Emotional Health

Fermented foods have gotten a lot of hype in recent years. Is it for real?

Well, let’s take a deeper dive. To start, what is a fermented food, exactly?

Fermentation is a process involving microorganisms altering organic compounds, either into acid or alcohol. In terms of food or drink, it tends to yield a distinctive, funky flavor — kimchi is a great example.  

Fermentation can naturally preserve food or drink by enhancing the “good” bacteria contained in the item in question. 

These bacteria, known as probiotics, help maintain a healthy gut microbiome — keeping your gut in good working order. 

Wild Tonic’s jun kombucha is a fermented beverage, so it contains probiotics. 

But unlike traditional kombucha, which is made using sugar, our jun kombucha relies primarily on honey for the fermentation process. That can lead to some added benefits: 

  1. Honey reacts differently during the fermentation process. This affects the flavor of our jun kombucha, resulting in a milder and less sour flavor than traditional kombucha. The acidic, sour flavor of traditional kombucha isn’t for everyone. Word on the street is that Wild Tonic appeals to people who “don’t like kombucha” because of its milder flavor!
  2. Prebiotics and probiotics. Honey has unique microbial qualities that mean Wild Tonic’s jun kombucha retains prebiotics as well as probiotics. 

Hazy on what prebiotics are? They’re a type of indigestible fiber that helps feed probiotics. As the “pre-” implies, they help pave the way for probiotics to do their all-important work!   

Take a Mind-Body Break With Wild Tonic!

Hey, stress happens. Wild Tonic can help! 

Our fermented jun kombucha can help promote a healthy gut … Which in turn can lead to better overall health, both emotionally and physically.

Plus, there’s no greater pleasure than cracking a can or opening a bottle of your favorite flavor! 

Whether you’re enjoying one of our traditional jun kombucha varieties, indulging in one of our hard jun kombucha varieties or a Wild Tonic cocktail, take the time to enjoy the experience! 

Keep Calm and Drink Wild Tonic

At Wild Tonic, we love providing our customers with a feel-good beverage. But that’s not just about brewing a beverage that tastes great — there are plenty of potential mind-body benefits, too! 

So go ahead, give yourself the gift of Wild Tonic — our products are now available for nationwide delivery

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