You love the taste and love to drink jun kombucha … obviously. With a more subtle flavor that’s less acidic than traditional kombucha, Wild Tonic’s jun’s honey-kissed flavor is perfectly mellow and makes for smooth drinking. 

But … How much is too much? Is it OK to drink jun kombucha every day? 

The short answer is yes. (Phew!) But like most other foods and beverages, jun kombucha’s benefits are most pronounced when it’s enjoyed in moderation. Let’s explore. 

Note: Everyone’s nutritional needs are a little different. This is not intended as dietary or nutritional counseling. Consult your doctor to discuss your specific nutritional needs. 

What is Jun Kombucha? 

First things first. What is jun kombucha

It’s sort of like traditional kombucha’s cousin. 

Like kombucha, jun is a fermented beverage. It’s made with tea and a SCOBY culture (short for “symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast.”) 

However, they’re not exactly the same. While kombucha’s fermentation process is kicked off with cane sugar, honey is the vehicle that makes fermentation happen with jun kombucha. 

Honey doesn’t just change the flavor of the beverage. It has an effect on the fermentation process, too. 

The SCOBY reacts differently to honey than sugar. Based on this process, jun develops the good bacteria that kombucha is so famous for a little differently. 

Natural properties of honey allow it to retain both prebiotics and probiotics — as opposed to kombucha, which only contains probiotics. 

In case you’re not familiar with prebiotics, they help feed probiotics, helping them benefit your gut in a variety of ways. That means they can do their job more effectively, delivering maximum health benefits to you as the drinker.

The flavor of jun kombucha is also markedly different from traditional kombucha. The honey adds a mellow, distinctly smooth finish to jun kombucha. It’s a lot less acidic than traditional kombucha. For some drinkers, this is a game-changer; we often hear that jun kombucha is a beverage that’s enjoyed by people even if they “don’t like kombucha.”

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Benefits of Jun Kombucha 

Jun kombucha isn’t just tasty — it could contribute to your healthy lifestyle. There are a variety of potential benefits to drinking jun kombucha, from improved digestion to increased mental clarity to improved mood.

Curious to get specific about some of the benefits of drinking jun? Check out this in-depth post.

Can You Drink Too Much Jun Kombucha?

There aren’t too many side effects to drinking jun kombucha. However, like just about everything else in the world, too much of a good thing can turn detrimental.

For instance…

A serving of jun kombucha has far fewer calories and carbohydrates than say, a typical cola drink. 

It’s also got a relatively small amount of caffeine compared to coffee drinks.

But remember: it can add up. A serving or two is one thing, but if you’re drinking 5-10 servings of kombucha per day, it could add up and have negative effects on your health. Everything in moderation! 

Can You Drink Jun Kombucha Every Day?

According to an article in TIME, nutritional experts generally agree that drinking kombucha in moderation on a daily basis is typically fine for people. 

However, everyone’s different. If you’re concerned, you can start by sampling a small amount per day and working up from there to see how jun kombucha affects you. Alternatively, you can consult with your doctor for a more one-on-one analysis of whether or not jun kombucha is the right choice for you. 

Everything in Moderation…

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to adding Wild Tonic jun kombucha to your daily routine.

Improved digestion and energy is only part of it … It’s also a delicious beverage that just tastes good to drink! 

But remember: too much of a good thing can turn sour. So be sure to enjoy in moderation! 

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