The weather’s cooling down, the leaves are starting to turn color … It’s time to fall in love with Wild Tonic’s latest seasonal special: Chai Pear Jun Kombucha!  

Forget pumpkin spice and go for something a little different! This seasonal jun kombucha flavor is brimming with luscious pear, honey, and spice — and it tastes awfully nice.

It’s the perfect refreshing beverage to take along on a beautiful autumn day hike, to hydrate after a long day of picking apples, or to just generally get into a cozy state of mind as fall unfolds.

Cozy, Refreshing, Reinvigorating

During fall, we tend to begin going inward — both literally and figuratively. The days are getting shorter and cooler. People tend to get into ‘back to work’ mode after the lazy days of summer, whether at school, on the job, or just in terms of their daily responsibilities. 

Wild Tonic’s jun kombucha is a naturally energizing beverage that can help you maintain a sunny state of mind as the year begins its slow process of winding down. Read about the many health benefits of jun kombucha here

Unlike the many ‘fall-flavored’ beverages out there, our jun kombucha’s ingredient list isn’t full of sugar and preservatives. It’s made with a simple roster of ingredients including filtered water, honey, tea, raw jun culture, pear juice, and a variety of warming spices.

Flavor-wise, you couldn’t imagine a cozier jun kombucha. Luscious pear combined with chai spice give this good-for-you-beverage the most delightful sweater weather vibe.

As Wild Tonic founder Holly Lyman notes, Chai Pear is a seasonal special that everyone — customers and Wild Tonic staff alike — loves to see make its annual return. As she puts it, “Nothing gets you in the spirit of the season more than the deliciously familiar flavors of chai spice and sweet pears from the fall harvest”

Chai Pear is the latest seasonal special in our ongoing rotation of specials. Our most recent one was Rosemary Lemon, which was on offer through the summer. We’re sad to see it go (for now), but we’re excited about the new flavor! 

Remember: our limited release flavors fly off the shelves, so be sure to pick some up ASAP! Chai Pear will be available starting in October and through December. Note: at this time, Chai Pear is only available in bottles. 

What is Chai? 

You already know what pear is, but you might be less familiar with what chai is. 

While the immediate association might be a sickly-sweet tea beverage sold at coffee chains, that’s definitely not the experience you’ll have with Wild Tonic’s Chai Pear jun kombucha! 

Chai tea is a type of spiced tea made with a variety of warming spices. At Wild Tonic, our proprietary chai mix includes cinnamon and fennel, among others. 

When combined with the mellow sweetness of pear and honey, this cozy concoction truly makes for a memorable and fall-friendly drinking experience!

Make a Chai Pear Cocktail! 

Love our hard jun kombucha? At this time, our seasonal Chai Pear flavor is only offered as a non-alcoholic traditional jun kombucha option. However, if you prefer a more spirited variation, you can use our Chai Pear to make a fancy cocktail!

Here’s a recipe we originally shared on Brewbound last year that has become a crowd favorite. Featuring Chai Pear, pear brandy, and ginger root, this cocktail proves that spice is nice, especially in fall cocktail form! 

Iced Chai Pear Jun Toddy 

  • 8 oz. Wild Tonic Chai Pear Jun Kombucha
  • 1/4 cup Pear Brandy
  • 1 tsp. freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 tsp. honey dissolved in 1/8 cup hot water & muddled with 1 tsp. fresh ginger root
  • Strain Ginger root and honey mixture into highball glass with ice. Stir in remaining ingredients. Garnish with a slice of lemon.

Try Chai Pear Today! 

Wild Tonic jun kombucha is a treat any day of the year, but it’s extra-fun to celebrate the season with a special seasonal release!

With its mellow sweetness, warming spices, and a flavor unlike any other, Chai Pear is the perfect beverage to enjoy as summer fades into fall. Don’t miss it! You can find it in stores from October through December of this year. 

Have you tried any of Wild Tonic’s seasonal specials?