Byron Fiss is the Texas Market Manager based out of Austin and covering…you guessed it, the country of Texas. After spending the last 9 years performing various roles within the beverage industry, Byron knows what truly motivates buyers and drives consumers.

Byron started his professional career as the Beverage Director for a local chain of restaurants, where he oversaw the beer program for 3 locations. He was responsible for creating a loyalty program that brought in 2,500 members in the first 6 months. From there, he took his passion and love for craft beverages to Anheuser-Busch’s The High End. He was involved with bringing their new craft portfolio to the greater Austin market.

And now, he has landed at the “Hive”! He brings an eagerness and excitement to his role that is sure to help pollinate the state with the Wild Tonic brand.

Byron attended Oral Roberts University where he majored in English.