Looking for a unique gift idea? Upcycled Bottle Art! Look no further than the empty Wild Tonic bottle in your hand! 

Wild Tonic’s unique, cobalt blue bottles have been capturing interest and attention ever since we started using them as a vessel for our jun kombucha. Their story is just as unique as their look — the color is actually inspired by the blue-violet hues that bees love best! 

Creative customers have made the most of our beautiful bottles, upcycling them into unique art objects and functional craft items. Want to give DIY a try? These unique craft items made using Wild Tonic bottles are ideal holiday gifts for family and friends. 

Don’t worry — despite the professional-looking finished results, the crafts are accessible to all levels of artistic ability.

Plus, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that getting crafty is a proven stress-buster — who couldn’t use a little calm downtime during these unusual times?

Wild Tonic Bottles: DIY Craft Gift Ideas 

Simple Bud Vase

Flowers and/or plants are generally well-received — here are two incredibly simple ways to use Wild Tonic bottles for a kind gift offering.

One of the simplest ways to use your Wild Tonic bottle is to use it as a simple bud vase. Wash the bottle, fill with water, and put a flower or sprig of greens inside. 

blue bottle vase

Or, as an alternative, consider using a Wild Tonic bottle as a vessel for propagating a plant. Choose a plant that’s easy to propagate in water, such as pothos. Trim a portion of the plant and plunk it in a cleaned-out Wild Tonic bottle filled with water. Gift it to your loved one, letting them know that once the plant begins to grow roots, it can be planted in soil. 

Hummingbird feeders

Here’s a gift that will leave recipients humming a happy tune: a DIY hummingbird feeder! 

All you need is a few easy-to-obtain supplies and a few hours to create a simple yet lovely homemade hummingbird feeder. It’s bound to offer the recipient hours of pleasure as they watch hummingbirds feeding on sweet nectar!

This simple tutorial features tequila bottles, but the process works just as easily with Wild Tonic bottles. 

hummingbird feeder bottle


Here’s motivation to drink more jun kombucha: all those empty bottles can be turned into drinking glasses that you can use to drink more jun kombucha, a jun kombucha cocktail, or whatever else you feel like drinking!

 The process is fairly similar to making DIY candle holders, but with a few refinements. This tutorial is easy to follow and yields simple, sophisticated finished results.

Candle holders 

The signature hue of Wild Tonic bottles looks gorgeous in flickering candlelight. So why not create some simple DIY candle holders to give to your friends and family?

Upcycle Candle Co in Sedona created these beautiful pieces pictured above and below!

While they look like elegant art objects that cost a bundle at an upscale boutique, they’re actually quite simple to make. As you can see from this tutorial, making DIY candle holders using bottles is easy to do and requires minimal supplies.

bottle art candles

DIY Gifts Created For You

Not feeling so crafty? No worries. Refresh Glass creates upcycled gift items using Wild Tonic bottles that can be purchased online. It’s a great way to still enjoy the DIY effect if you’re not inclined to make the items yourself.

e are working on a collaboration to sell Upcycled products on our online store by summertime, keep an eye out for updates!

Share Your Wild Tonic Bottle Projects With Us!

Have you made one of these craft projects, or have you used Wild Tonic bottles in some other creative way? Share it with us! 

Tag us on Facebook (Wild Tonic), Instagram (@drinkwildtonic), or drop us a line. We love seeing what our customers do — we’re always floored by your creativity! 

Sharing is Caring… 

The first step to creating DIY gifts using Wild Tonic bottles is emptying the bottles! This is perhaps one of the most pleasurable parts of the process.

It’s the perfect time to sample Wild Tonic’s seasonal special, Chai Pear — or to load up on bottles of your favorite flavors from our collection.

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