One of the first things most people notice about our jun kombucha? Believe it or not, it’s not the flavor. Before they even take a sip, most people take a moment to marvel over our signature cobalt blue bottles!

Wild Tonic’s blue bottles have become of legend — they’re unique, striking, and many customers have reported that they’re so pretty they “don’t want to throw them away.” 

What you may not know is that our bottles aren’t just pretty — there’s an entire story and intention behind the signature blue hue. Since everything, including jun kombucha, tastes better with a backstory, why not open a bottle and read all about it? 

Wild Tonic: A Feast For the Senses

At Wild Tonic, we want to offer our customers a full sensory experience with our products. And that starts with the eyes! 

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “you eat with your eyes first.” It refers to the fact that with food, presentation matters. A beautifully prepared plate of food serves to enliven the senses, revving the appetite and creating an experience before you even take a bite. 

Beverages are no different. Presentation matters. Our blue bottles serve to heighten your experience before you take the first sip! 

Of course, the ultimate experience awaits you once you do open the bottle and enjoy the goods. 

You’ll continue to be rewarded once you actually open the bottle. Whether you’re enjoying one of our traditional non-alcoholic jun kombucha flavors like Mango Ginger, Blackberry Mint, or one of our hard jun kombucha offerings like our Hoppy Buzz 5.6% ABV jun kombucha or our Dancing Naked®  7.6% ABV jun kombucha, you’re bound to enjoy the honey-kissed flavor of each and every one of our offerings. 

The Story of Wild Tonic’s Blue Bottles 

Yes, the blue color of our bottles is beautiful. But the choice wasn’t made purely out of aesthetic appeal. There’s a rhyme and a reason behind the specific color choice, and it has everything to do with bees! 

As you may already know, bees play a big role in Wild Tonic’s company culture. Our founder, Holly Lyman, has always felt a deep connection to bees. From creating encaustic art, a form of artwork that relies on beeswax, to developing an interest in fermenting culture and making jun kombucha with honey, bees have played a big part in her creative and business pursuits.

Wild Tonic is committed to helping keep the bee population healthy, and we take great care responsibly sourcing our honey. 

So yeah — you could say that Wild Tonic loves bees.

Our bottle is an homage to something bees love — the color blue. 

As this fascinating article points out, in spite of the fact that people associate bees with rich, warm colors, they tend to love blue best of all. It notes, “Flowers know what they are doing. In the same way they lure bees with nectar so they can be pollinated, they have also figured out which colors attract bees the most. The end goal is always pollination.”

This mystery of nature begins to make sense when you realize that flowers with blue and violet tones tend to produce the most nectar. With that in mind, it’s not hard to see why bees are so attracted to these colors!

Unfortunately, most bees will be disappointed if they try to approach a Wild Tonic bottle with the intention of pollinating. However, we still like to think that they approve of the color choice! 

Creative Uses For Wild Tonic Bottles 

Earlier, we mentioned how many people consider our bottles too pretty to put in a recycling bin. As it turns out, many of them choose not to throw away their bottles, but opt to upcycle them instead!

From using the bottles as simple, bohemian vases to using them to create elegant goblets or even light fixtures, plenty of creative customers have figured out ways to upcycle our bottles so that they can continue to enjoy their beauty in new ways. Have you used your Wild Tonic bottles to do something creative? We’d love to hear about it! 

True Blue For You! 

At Wild Tonic, we want our customers to enjoy a beautiful experience every time they open a bottle of our jun kombucha. We believe that it starts with the bottle itself! 

Now that you know the story of our blue bottles and their bee connection, hopefully it will heighten the experience the next time you enjoy one of our many jun kombucha flavors. Cheers!  

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