Logistics Bee

Having spent the last 30-years on Kauai, my husband and I decided to move to the beautiful community of Lake Montezuma.  Our neighbors include Arizona’s wildlife and unspoiled nature.  We recently welcomed 20 baby quail, and the deer fawns born last August still visit us regularly.

I worked in property management for the last eight years on Kauai, and prior to that, I worked as an advocate for the Legal Aid Society of Kauai.   I have been very fortunate to work with like-minded people who have inspired and encouraged my career path, and I’m thrilled to start a new chapter with Wild Tonic.

I have a passion for food, and I make my own artisan bread and pastas.  I was invited to intern as a sous chef for a fishing village in Sitka, Alaska many moons ago, and my love for all things food stems from that experience.  When I’m not in the kitchen, I also enjoy exploring my new backyard by 4WD, gardening, fishing, and wine tasting.