This is Our Story.

To trace the origins and the heart of Wild Tonic®, we must look back to when Holly Lyman, the brand’s founder, was a young girl. Holly spent her summers at her grandmother’s 40-acre homestead in North Pole, Alaska where she has vivid, joyful memories of her grandmother’s greenhouse that was also a makeshift art studio. “It was like walking into an altered reality” she recounted, “There were fragrant tomatoes everywhere and in the middle of the greenhouse sat her chair, easel, and oil paints.” She remembers sitting in a rocking chair as her grandmother taught her to paint. And when they weren’t painting, she was learning the art of fermentation. Holly has fond memories of picking and gathering dandelions and Alaskan rosehips that grew wild on the homestead to help her grandmother make her legendary wild-crafted wines.

Although she did not realize it then, Holly’s cherished time at her grandmother’s log cabin in the Tundra would shape her future in ways she never would have imagined. Her initial path led her on an artistic journey, shaped by several types of artistic media and she eventually found herself gravitating towards painting with bees wax (the art of encaustic painting). The more she painted, the more she learned about the declining bee population and the effects it could have on the future. Holly’s new-found passion for encaustic painting and bee conservation became the catalyst to the next chapter in her life.

One day at her summer home in eastern Washington, Holly’s husband Randy challenged her to channel her inner childhood memories to create a healthy energy drink, and more importantly, one that tasted good. Having heard many of Holly’s childhood stories—the time spent fermenting with her grandmother, in particular—Randy knew that once Holly put her mind to it, something brilliant would manifest. He also knew that she never backed down from a challenge. After several hundred experiments, fermenting anything and everything she could get her hands on, Holly accidently stumbled upon the art of “Jun.” She instantly fell in love with this ancient method of fermenting with honey and its signature flavor profile. Little did she know that her next adventure pursuing this lost art was about to begin.

A short time later, Holly visited Sedona on vacation. Instantly captivated by the beauty of the landscape and the palpable energy, Holly came to two realizations: she wanted to brew for a living and relocate to Arizona. “Without question,” she said “a force greater than myself drew me to the red rocks of Sedona. I returned home and told Randy ‘we are moving to Sedona!’ Several months later, we had found a new home and started the Wild Tonic® brewery” And so began the Wild Tonic® Revolution!

Two and a half years later, Wild Tonic® has become both a leader and disruptor in the beverage industry. Holly’s passion for art and innovation is galvanizing the forces behind the brand and its success. In addition, Wild Tonic® is made up of diverse, passionate people who have helped forge an amazing culture.

Looking back now, Holly acknowledges her grandmother’s immense contributions, “She taught me much more than how to paint and ferment, she taught me how to transform everyday life into an art by using resources in unexpected ways!”

Thank you for sharing in the experience with us!

Great Kombucha. Great People.

Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

Meet Our Hive

  • Byron
    Byron Fiss is the Texas Market Manager based out of Austin and covering…you guessed it, the country of Texas. After spending the last 9 years performing various roles within the beverage industry, Byron knows what truly motivates buyers and drives consumers. Byron started his professional career as the Beverage Director for a local chain of restaurants, where he oversaw the beer program for 3 locations. He was responsible for creating a loyalty program that brought in 2,500 members in the first 6 months. From there, he took his passion and love for craft beverages to Anheuser-Busch’s The High End. He was involved with bringing their new craft portfolio to the greater Austin market. And now, he has landed at the “Hive”! He brings an eagerness and excitement to his role that is sure to help pollinate the state with the Wild Tonic brand. Byron attended Oral Roberts University where he maj...
  • Sara
    VP of West Coast Sales
    With an extensive background in retail sales and marketing Sara is dedicated to the customer experience by collaborating with internal and external partners to drive performance. Originally from the Midwest, Sara has lived in Arizona for 16 years and is ecstatic about working for an Arizona-based company with huge growth opportunities. She enjoys spending time with her family, travelling and cooking. Her favorite flavors are Rosemary Lemon and Raspberry Goji Rose 5.6%
  • Celina
    Demo Bee
    My boyfriend is a professional bull rider. Together, we have a 2-year old daughter, so you can understand when I say that I have no free time! When I discovered Wild Tonic, I saw a world of opportunity! Since I joined the hive, both my friend and my brother have become WILD fans! Wild Tonic is cool, the people and the environment. And, Tropical Turmeric is like a vacation for my tastebuds!
  • Jessi
    Busy Bee
    Jessi has 15 years of management and operational experience in startups from multiple industries including manufacturing, supplements, solar, sales contracting and incubation. She is passionate about working with teams to identify their passions and skillsets that optimize the performance of the organization as a whole. She is a mother of two children and loves hiking, off-roading, traveling, cooking, nutrition, power lifting, coffee and non-profit work. She joined Wild Tonic with a desire to merge her passion for the health food industry with her passion for working with startups, and loves the fun and vibrant culture the Wild Tonic team has cultivated. Of all the amazing flavors that exist at Wild Tonic, Chai Pear is her favorite.
  • Raven
    Marketing Bee
    Adventure is what brings me joy, whether it’s hiking, camping, or exploring new things and places. I love photography and often take weekend road trips just to capture interesting shots and take in our beautiful world. I enjoy plenty of variety since I go wherever I’m needed at Wild Tonic – kind of like my life – from auto mechanic to produce manager to now Marketing Coordinator. I’ve always enjoyed being creative, and am ecstatic that my position lets me be just that. I’m fueled by the fun-loving nature of my Wild Tonic family. Never have I worked with such an amazing group of people! You know you are where you are supposed to be when you look forward to work each day. Getting to drink this amazing booch everyday is a plus too!
  • Ricky
    IT Bee
    I am originally from Michigan, but have lived in many different states across the country. With over 11 years of IT experience, I take on the day to day challenges that keep operations running smoothly. I love the Wild Tonic culture, and the employees here truly have a passion for growing the brand and making it happen every day. When I’m not staring into cyberspace, I like to work on my race cars, go hiking, and traveling to new places. My favorite flavor of Wild Tonic is Chai Pear!
  • Brad
    With 7+ years in the beer industry, I look forward to bringing boozy kombucha to everyone! I was born in Dayton, Ohio and moved to Northern California while in high school. Whether it is mountain biking in Santa Cruz, skiing in Tahoe or backpacking in the Emigrant Wilderness, I try to take advantage of what NorCal has to offer at any opportunity!
  • Angy
    Born and raised in Washington, Angy joined Wild Tonic after a successful 9 years with Coca-Cola. Prior to Coca-Cola she was with Odom Distributing in the wine and beer world, totaling 14 years in the beverage industry. She’s a mom to 2 active boys, wife to her best friend, loves running, trail running, cooking and the Seattle Seahawks!! Her favorite flavors are Blueberry Basil and Chai Pear!
  • Reno
    Warehouse Manager Bee
    After 20 plus years working in the food and beverage, transportation and warehousing industries, Reno feels very lucky to have landed in the Verde Valley. His role at Wild Tonic draws upon his multiple expertise and interests. An avid outdoors man, hunting, fishing and 4-wheeling are among his favorite hobbies. In addition, he loves making jerky from both beef and wild game.
  • Allison
    Logistics Bee
    Having spent the last 30-years on Kauai, my husband and I decided to move to the beautiful community of Lake Montezuma.  Our neighbors include Arizona’s wildlife and unspoiled nature.  We recently welcomed 20 baby quail, and the deer fawns born last August still visit us regularly. I worked in property management for the last eight years on Kauai, and prior to that, I worked as an advocate for the Legal Aid Society of Kauai.   I have been very fortunate to work with like-minded people who have inspired and encouraged my career path, and I’m thrilled to start a new chapter with Wild Tonic. I have a passion for food, and I make my own artisan bread and pastas.  I was invited to intern as a sous chef for a fishing village in Sitka, Alaska many moons ago, and my love for all things food stems from that experience.  When I’m not in the kitchen, I also enjoy exploring my new backyard by 4WD, g...
  • Dave
    Originally from Charleston, SC, moved to the PNW 22+ years ago! Dave has been in the beverage industry for over 20 years with extensive knowledge of sales, marketing, execution, distribution and leadership. I am excited to be able to apply everything I have learned in the past to help grow Wild Tonic to a billion dollar brand! When not selling Wild Tonic, I’m off chasing roller coasters around the country and soon the world! Currently completing my BA in business management and marketing at CTU. My favorite Wild Tonic brand would have to be Blueberry Basil 5.6% ABV.
  • Matt
    Originally from Ohio, Matt attended Valdosta State University in Georgia, where he played football. He attributes his strong ethics in leadership, hard work, teamwork, and accountability to his sports background. After receiving his Bachelors degree, he settled in Georgia and began his career with Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC). From managing bars to merchandising, sales and becoming a District Manager, Matt has over 10 years of experience in the alcohol beverage industry at giants like Popcorn Sutton Tennessee White Whiskey and Diageo. In his free time, Matt loves playing competitive softball, golf and sand volleyball. He confesses “I also enjoy eating terribly unhealthy and having to work 10x harder in the gym due to my eating habits.”
  • Al
    IT Bee
    I’ve been in Arizona since 1989, with my wonderful wife Lisa and our wonderful daughter Amanda and we live in Cave Creek now. We have always enjoyed visiting the valley up here and attending the celebrations held over the holidays. We may become residents of this beautiful valley sooner than later. I have always loved building and managing computers as a hobby and for the last 16 years as a Systems Administrator. I am very excited to be a part of a fantastic team of very talented individuals building Wild Tonic.
  • Jim
    Production Director Bee
    I have been fortunate to have enjoyed 27 years so far in alcohol beverage production. From small craft breweries to global-scale distilleries, all have been sources of creativity and fun. The Wild Tonic team, though has found a way to refine its positive vibe and put it in a cobalt blue bottle. As a traditional production guy, seeing that magic happen has been a blast. Though I love all the Wild Tonic flavors, the ones with alcohol somehow seem to taste the best!
  • Serena
    Busy Bee
    Having a huge amount of love and appreciation for this world and its beings, I’ve embraced the talented team at Wild Tonic. Healing and performing arts are my passion while wandering the Red Rocks of Sedona nurtures my soul to contribute to the greater good. With extensive experience in the creation of good food and drink, I believe Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha has the capacity to holistically rejuvenate one’s overall well-being. Organic properties and natural essences alchemized with honey fermented tea is an ancient recipe that provides healing for our innovative times. I enjoy bringing good energy wherever Wild Tonic’s evolution soars!
  • Caroline
    Soft pretzels, cheesesteaks and Rocky Balboa are all trademarks of my hometown. Born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love, I grew my interest for the food and beverage industry while obtaining my undergraduate degree in Food Marketing and Leadership, Ethics & Organizational Sustainability from Saint Joseph’s University. I have a wild passion for St. Joe’s Men’s Crew Team, as I was a coxswain during college. I also enjoy spending time on the beach with family and running various races with friends. With experience in East Coast sales, I am “buzzing” with excitement to join the Wild Tonic family!
  • Rich
    Jack of All Bees
    I moved here over 4 years ago from Colorado and fell in love with this area. I couldn’t be more excited about joining the Wild Tonic family. My background has been in production and manufacturing. In my spare time, I spend with my friends and family grilling, kayaking, golfing and exploring this beautiful state.
  • Robin
    Orders Bee
    I am brand new to Arizona living! My husband Mark and I, our two kids, Brenden and Raven, and our 2-yr. old Rottie pup, Maxx, moved here from Oklahoma to be closer to my husband’s family. I was born and raised in St Louis, Missouri and left after joining the military. I am a free spirit at heart and I love change and adventure! Camping, hiking, boating…. Anything outdoors is my thing! Mark and I are always looking for fun active things to do! I am excited to be a part of the Wild Tonic crew! Working with a company that promotes a healthy lifestyle is what attracted me. I can’t wait to see where this new adventure takes me!
  • Creighton
    Builder Bee
    I have a beautiful wife with 2 sons and a daughter. I love do to anything outdoors! I’m very active in our community coaching different sports, and involved in various youth programs. I have been in the roofing industry for many years and have a basic construction background. The Wild Tonic team is absolutely amazing! From top to bottom, this diverse group of individuals unite a solid, multi-functional company that is highly motivating. I am blessed to have a job in this big family.
  • Dale
    COO Bee
    Born in Phoenix, Dale is a huge sports fanatic. 11 years ago, he and his wife started Estrella Youth Sports and has never looked back. He beams when he describes carrying the torch for the 2012 London Olympics. Prior to joining the WILD Team, Dale shone brightest at Coca Cola.
  • Chris
    Lead Brewing Bee
    I was born in Poughkeepsie, New York (Have fun saying that!) and have lived in Arizona for 28 years. I have found my niche as a fused glass artist, and bring my artistic qualities with me wherever I go. The environment at Wild Tonic is fun and energetic. There is never a dull moment!
  • Rocco
    Bottling Bee
    My grandfather immigrated to the United States from Sicily in the 1920’s. He settled locally and worked as a miner in Jerome and ultimately, as an upholsterer. So, I am a 3rd generation upholsterer. I enjoy the art of turning wood, working as part of the Wild Tonic team, and savoring our newest flavor, Mango Ginger!
  • Nicole
    Key Accounts Bee
    Nicole Dilucchio has 15 years’ experience in the natural food industry and has spent the past two in the adult beverage world. She approaches sales by being genuine and transparent and has a true passion for connecting with people. Her free time is spent enjoying evenings with friends and family, living life to the fullest.
  • Brandin
    Supply Chain Bee
    Brandin has over 27 years of experience in Sales, Distribution, Transportation, Supply Chain, and Account Management, and is thrilled to join such a progressive and growing Wild Tonic team! He and his wife Janine have four children, and they love to spend time together outdoors, playing sports, or going to movies. While he really enjoys Raspberry Goji Rose, his favorite flavor is Chai Pear!
  • Darryl
    Master Brewer Bee
    I am in love with food and even more with the fermentation to convert it into something new! So much in fact that I went to culinary school in Portland Oregon and Oregon State University for a degree in Food and Fermentation Science. I fell in love with this company’s passion for kombucha and the people that work here. I enjoy short walks on the beach and rubber duckies!
  • Craig
    Analytical Bee
    Originally from Missouri, I have been in the Verde Valley for just over 20 years. In that time my wife and I have been blessed with six beautiful children. I enjoy spending as much time with family and friends as possible. I like classic movies, as well as keeping up with my kids on anything related to the Marvel Comics universe. My career background has been centered around organizational leadership in manufacturing and project development. From my very first encounter with the team at Wild Tonic I have been impressed with the collection of smart, talented, and dedicated individuals. They all believe that the product and this company have just begun to make a positive impact and can’t wait to see that impact grow. That common desire is contagious, and I’m so honored that they have allowed me to come alongside them to further that impact.
  • Ira
    Sparky Bee
    I have a wonderful wife, four children, and 4 granddaughters… Life is grand! My wife grew up here in the Verde Valley and still has family here, so I feel right at home coming to the Verde Valley. I enjoy family, fly fishing, the great outdoors and church family. My mechanical and millwrighting years have taken me on many adventures; from working with recycled plastics to make thousands of miles of pipe for underground burial of fiber optics cable, to grinding walnut shells which used to be dumped as waste and now are used in hundreds of products to CNC of dead and bug killed logs for log homes. Now it is a great opportunity to work for a company that cares about our bees and brews a wonderful and healthy drink. I look forward to adding my years of experience to the efforts of the whole team, and being a part of the Wild Tonic family!
  • Bill
    Business Development Bee
    Bill hails from New England. A Sales Guru, he chose to come to Wild Tonic because of the quality of the ingredients and the packaging, which he insists is the most beautiful he has seen during the entirety of his Consumer Packaging career. Happily married, his wife is his best friend. They enjoy sharing their free time together. In addition he loves sports, the New England Patriots, in particular! His flavor of choice? Mango Ginger scores a touchdown EVERY time!
  • Steve K.
    Born in New York, raised in Connecticut, and now residing in Maine, Steve brings over 20 years of sales experience to Wild Tonic. From being the captain of his High School basketball team, emceeing his senior talent show, President of a college fraternity, owning and managing restaurants, coaching youth sports, to leading a sales team in a competitive market, Steve thrives in a leadership role. He loves the beach, his wife and two boys, and volunteering within his community. He also loves the Raspberry Goji Rose 5.6% and the Chai Pear non-alcohol.
  • Quinn
    With 20 years of Craft Beer experience, Quinn is thrilled to bee a part of the Wild Tonic team. As a former swimmer, and certified Pilates instructor, Quinn is passionate about all things health and wellness. She’s eager to spread the local kombucha love to Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada! Besides pollinating the Southwest for Wild Tonic, Quinn loves spending time with her adorable puggle, amazing boyfriend and awesome family!
  • Mary Anne
    Office Manager Bee
    When I moved to Sedona two years ago I had never heard of kombucha. It didn’t take me long to get hooked once I tried Wild Tonic and now I drink my booch every day! What a great group of energetic, passionate colleagues who do amazing work here at Wild Tonic. In my spare time, I absolutely love hiking the mountains of Sedona and taking road trips exploring the Southwest, especially being from Baltimore, MD. I love all of the Wild Tonic flavors, however, my favorite is Rosemary Lemon.
  • Cindy
    Flavor Specialist Bee
    I was born in Florida, but have lived in Arizona for over 50 years. I was raised in a family with 8 kids and worked in the family business most of my youth. I’ve raised 4 children of my own and have 7 grandchildren. In my free time, I love spending time with family, camping, cooking and fishing. The people I work with have an awesome combination of skills and great personalities culminating our own Symbiotic Colony. I love my Wild Tonic family! I am looking forward to an awesome future unfolding here at Good Omen Bottling.
  • Dustin
    Dustin joined Wild Tonic following a successful 14-year career at Firestone Walker. His claim to fame was as a pro hockey player in British Columbia. A self-proclaimed car enthusiast/motor enthusiast, Dustin enjoys “anything fast, that you can get hurt on.” Fortunately, this full-time father of a newborn baby and 2 dogs has zero free time.
  • Melissa G.
    Content Bee
    I was born and raised in New England and have lived all over this great country with the love of my life and best friend, my canaan mix Althea Diana. I feel blessed to welcome and close each day roaming through a little slice of Paradise and communing with Nature. A self proclaimed Francophile, travel and intercultural communication energizes me, especially when it involves a certain degree of serendipity and charades! But WILD TONIC® energizes me most! From the subtle and sophisticated energizing elixir, itself to the organization that celebrates individual talents, encourages growth, and welcomes creativity, WILD TONIC® is a lifestyle. Lavender Love, Mango Ginger, & Raspberry Goji Rose ROCK MY WORLD! #KombuchaRedefined
  • Holly
    Queen Bee
    Being an artist is central to my being. I have devoted my life to creativity whether it is expressed through painting, creating artisanal food and beverages, or collaborating with other artists. My current passion is working with ancient ferments, using nature’s gifts to make a honey-based Kombucha. I love working with the Wild Tonic team — a phenomenal group of individuals that hold the same vision and philosophy in a dynamic environment where people can find their unique expressions and celebrate their strengths.

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